July 01, 2001

The CENTINEX website is down at the moment, due to reasons beyond the band’s control. But they are working on it and everything should be up and running within the not so distant future. The address is still the same www.centinex.com The band will start working on their Candlelight Records debut, "Diabolical Desolation", on July 16th. A small one week delay there from the original schedule, but this gives Black Lounge Studios the oppurtunity to install all their new equipment and put the finishing touches on the new rebuilt and highly improved studio. The South- and North American versions of "Hellbrigade" are out now. These licensed versions do include the three "Apocalyptic Armageddon" 7"EP tracks as bonus. The albums are released by Picoroco Records (South America) and WW III Records (North America). Still to come are the Russian tape and CD versions through Irond Records. The CENTINEX / NUNSLAUGHTER "Hail Germania" split pic 7"EP, on Painkiller Records, and the "Malleus Maleficarum" CD (re-release w/ bonus tracks), on Repulse Records, have been postponed to autumn. Unfortunately CENTINEX will not take part in this years Party San Festival. They got another gig-offer from the legendary Milwaukee Metalfest which they simply couldn’t turn down.

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