June 08, 2001

KAMBING as well KRATORNAS (both from the Philippines) have split up recently.

After their split EP with THE CRISIS from Nepal, Indias MILLENNIUM are working on new material at the moment which might be released on a Malysian label. There’s also talk about a video CD which shall be out already.

DYING EMBRACE from India have released their first, self financed CD. Musically it’s said to be in the vein of the first DEATH album.

GOD DETHRONED has found a new drummer in Dutchman Ariën van Weesenbeek, a third year conservatory drummer (Conservatory of Rotterdam) with the speed, power and precision to match "Ravenous" session drummer Tony Laureano. The band is currently rehearsing for the Summer festivals and a series of headliner shows in Holland. A European headliner tour is in the pipeline for October / November 2001, after which a U.S. tour will take place. Tour information and confirmation of further dates will follow soon. For regular updates, check the band site: www.goddethroned.com

Denmark’s WITHERING SURFACE, is still around despite some silence surrounding the band this year. They have just updated their homepage www.witheringsurface.dk and signed a 2 album deal with UK based Copro Records, mainly known for bands like EARTHTONE9, DESECRATION and MEDULLA NOCTE. Their next album is gonna be called "Walking On Phantom Ice" and includes 11 songs, that will be recorded at The Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden, in June 2001 and is to be mixed in July 2001. The tracks include titles like ‘Feed The Wolves’, ‘The White Path’, ‘Night Of Shame’, ‘Joyless Journey’, ‘Sun-Dive’ etc. The album is supposed to be released on October 1st 2001 in Europe. Individual release dates will follow in the US, Latin America and Japan. A Danish tour with INIQUITY is planned for Autumn of 2001, dates in the rest of Europe will follow right after. Withering Surface will furthermore be among the headliners on this year’s Nuclear Storm festival, planned to take place in the Czech Republic between the 20th and 22nd of July 2001. Other bands on the bill are Thorium, Agressor, Iniquity, No Return, Mangled, Gurkkhas, Disinter, Illdisposed, Thalarion etc. Visit http://nuclear.dynamix.cz/info_en.htm for more info. On September 27, 2001 they will do a showcase in the most popular venue in Copenhagen, Denmark, called Vega for the upcoming new album. Other bands to perform are Iniquity and Raunchy. More info to follow a.s.a.p.

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