June 18, 2001

REBAELLIUN and DIABOLIC will tour Europe in September in support of BEHEMOTH. Plans for Rebaelliun to tour the US this fall are underway as well.

Russia’s ROSSOMAHAAR have inked a 3 album deal with Last Episode. The bands second album, "Quarite Lux In Tenebris (Exploring The External Worlds)", will be released in August.

AEBA will release their third album, "Rebellion – Eden’s Asche", in August. The band is still looking for a drummer and recorded the new album with a drum-computer. Interested drummers can contact their label, Last Episode at markus@last-episode.de

FUNEBRIS have finished work on their debut album, "The Triumph Of The Everlasting Fire".

AD INFERNA are set to enter the studio to record their debut album, L’Empire des Sens. SETH frontman Arkames wrote all of the lyrics for the album.

AMORTIS‘ new album, "Gift Of Tongues", contains 7 songs and runs 51 minutes. Tracks on the album include: ‘The Human Puzzle’, ‘Messiah’, ’19th Century Love Poetry’ and ‘The Obscure Dance Of Distress’.

Canada’s Black Metal pride and joy, BLASPHEMY, are working on new material. They have four songs nearly complete and according to Ryan Forster, there is tons of label interest. Expect something by the end of the year. In the meantime, Blasphemy will be playing two local shows this year, on Friday July 13th and one at the end of August with U.S. Black Metallers BLACK WITCHERY.

CARNAL FORGE have started recording their third full-length album at Studio Underground and have so far completed laying down all the drums and rhythm guitars. Following the completion of the bass tracks, frontman Jonas Kjellgren will record the vocals at his Black Lounge Studio before the band returns to Studio Underground in mid-July to put down all the leads and mix the album, which is tentatively scheduled for a late 2001 release through Century Media.

Any artists interested in creating the cover artwork for the next HATE ETERNAL album should contact the band directly via the group’s official web site at www.hateterrnal.com. The band is asking all applicants to please NOT send large image files with your e-mail, but to instead, if at all possible, post your work/portfolio online and send them the web address where the work can be viewed. All submissions must be sent to both rutan@hateeternal.com and also webmaster@hateeternal.com

Spikefarm Records has signed Finnish Death Detal act DEMIGOD. The band’s second album is currently being recorded for a late 2001release.

INTERNAL BLEEDING will be issuing "Alien Breed 1991-2001", a CD containing the group’s "Invocation Of Evil" and "Perpetual Degradation" demos, a few songs from the band’s 1991 "One Dollar" demo plus a brand new song, ‘Alien Breed’, through Olympic Records on August 12th.

As a few people may have heard, Damon Bloodstorm is leaving ABOMINATOR, citing a permanent break from the hectic schedule of band life. ABOMINATOR, who have just been signed by Osmose Productions, is down to a two piece again and is currently looking for a bass player and possibly a second guitarist to continue their live assault. They have just completed their second full length, "Subversives For Lucifer" and are looking forward to introducing the material to their local crowd in a couple of months. The band is currently rehearsing and writing new songs for an upcoming third album! The title at the moment is ‘Cascading Carnage’. Stay tuned for further details!

After one and a half years, HOUWITSER singer Arjaan "Djortzzz" has announced to leave the band. The main reason for his depature is that he couldn’t find the time and devotion to continue. A replacement is already found in the person of Stan Blonck, a young guy from Rotterdam. With him the band will enter the Excess Studio on July the 28th to record their new CD "Rage Inside The Womb". Official website: www.houwitser.net

IMPIETY have been signed for a 3 albums deal by Osmose Productions. Right now they are checking out studios for their next album "Infernal Sonic Warfare". IMPIETY Official website: listen.to/impiety

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