October 09, 2001

ARCH ENEMY are considering rerecording their debut, "Black Earth".

CENTURIAN‘s new 11 track album, "Liber Zar Zax", is out now.

DRAGONLORD will headline a benefit show for guitarist James Murphy at the Pound in San Francisco on November 17th. The former TESTAMENT / OBITUARY guitarist has been diagnosed with an undisclosed type of brain tumor.

THE CROWN‘s forthcoming album, "Crowned In Terror", will be released in Europe on February 11th. The album was mixed at Studio Fredman by the band and Fredrik Nordstrom. The tracklisting: ‘Crowned In Terror’, ‘Under The Whip’, ‘Drugged Unholy’, ‘World Below’, ‘Out For Blood’, ‘The Speed Of Darkness’, ‘I Am Hell’, ‘Satanist’, ‘Death Is The Hunter’ and ‘Death Metal Holocaust’.

ABORTED have completed their tour with KATAKLYSM and CATASTROPHIC. The band will see two new tracks released on a 4-way split CD in late November / early December through Bones Brigade. Other acts on the disc are: MISERY INDEX, BRODEQUIN and DROWNING.

DARK TRANQUILLITY‘s Anders Jivarp injured his wrist recently, forcing the band to replace him with LEFAY’s drummer Robin Engstrom for a gig in Istanbul.

NILE are working on material for the follow-up to "Black Seeds Of Vengeance", expected to be recorded early next year for a summer release. Tracks to appear on the release include: ‘The Blessed Dead’, ‘Execration Text’, ‘Kheftiu Asar Butchiu’, ‘Sarcophagus’, ‘In Their Nighted Shrines’ and ‘Invocation To Sedetious Heresy’.

Germany’s DEW-SCENTED have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast. Their new album, "Inwards", will be out through the lable in early 2002.

Norwegian extreme Metal act FORLORN are currently working on the material for their fourth release. Still on Napalm, a lot has changed since "Opus III" was released. A new line-up was formed shortly after, and the band has progressed from the well-known Viking themes to incorporating a more futuristic, yet brutal approach. Forlorn has entered yet another dimension, from a studio-only band, now emerging as a live band playing gigs with Mayhem, Tristania and Gehenna. Forlorn will record the upcoming CD in February 2002, and will tour Mexico to kick off the CD’s release around midyear. E-mail s.winter@broadpark.no for more info.

CHILDREN OF BODOM will join the Tattoo The Planet tour for one show, in Milan, Italy, with SLAYER, CRADLE OF FILTH and MOONSPELL, on October 17th.

Jim Durkin (DARK ANGEL) has joined HIRAX. The band will be in the studio in December and are planning for a big year of touring in 2002.

ANCIENT have cancelled their November 27th show in Tuttlingen. Meanwhile, the band have booked a show at the Berlin-Razzle Dazzle on December 4th.

AGATHODAIMON‘s "Chapter III" album will be released on November 5th. Selected songs from the release can be heard at: www.agathodaimon.de/poll2.htm

AMON AMARTH‘s upcoming tour has been postponed due to difficulties with MARDUK getting through customs. The tour will now take place in January and February.

THE BLACK LEAGUE are ready to release their second full length album, "Utopia A.D." The mixing is fininshed and the album art has received it’s final touches. 60 second excerpts from the album will be posted at the band’s official homepage.

TIDFALL release their new album, "Instinct Gate", on November ‘9th. Advanced listening can be done at: www.nuclearblast.de/events/Tidfall_listening.htm

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