April 30, 2002

ARCH ENEMY will tour with NILE and HATE ETERNAL beginning in July. Dates will be announced soon.

CADAVER INC. are currently working on their new album. The recording will most likely take place in September / October, followed by the release in March 2003.

Watch for a split 7" EP (colored vinyl limited to 1000 units) from CADAVERIZER and FUNEBRARUM. Cadaverizer features Kam Lee (ex-MASSACRE and DEATH vocalist) plus members of EXHUMED and DEKAPITATOR. The band’s debut album, "Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods", will be out soon on Necroharmonic Productions.

The upcoming tour featuring HOUWITSER, DYING FETUS and MONSTROSITY kicks off on September 4th in Denmark and runs through September 29th in Spain.

According to TotalRock, CEREMONY, who feature ex-MORBID ANGEL bassist / vocalist Steve Tucker, CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Pat O’Brien and DISASTRONAUT guitarist Greg Reed, have recruited former EMPEROR drummer Trym. The band are currently working on their second album for an undisclosed label.

CHILDREN OF BODOM are currently in a studio in Lappenranta, Finland recording a new single, "You’re Better Off Dead", plus a cover song. The release is set for July 1st in Finland only. It will be available through Spinefarm Records mail order.

VITAL REMAINS vocalist Jake Raymond and lead guitarist Ron Green have parted ways with the band in order to pursue a new project called CAST OF VENGEANCE which also includes former Vital Remains bassist and frontman, Joe Lewis.

MARDUK are still waiting for INS approval for the DANZIG tour. So far the response from the US embassy has been positive and the band hope to bring the verdict from INS very soon. Marduk will soon put up the reconstructed version of their website.

AGALLOCH have completed their new album, "The Mantle", due out in July. Tracks include: ‘A Celebration For The Death Of Man…’, ‘In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion’, ‘Odal’, ‘I Am The Wooden Doors’, ‘The Lodge’, ‘You Were But A Ghost In My Arms’, ‘The Hawthorne Passage’, ‘…And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth’ and ‘A Desolation Song’.

GOD DETHRONED is currently writing songs for their forthcoming album. The working title is "The Universal Slavedriver". The band will do some headlining shows in Holland and some festivals. One of the highlights this year will be a show at the Milkyway Club in Amsterdam together with a VJ who also did the band’s videos. The show will contain all kinds of footage of these videos, but also lots of new stuff. Further, God Dethroned will have TV screens built up like Satan’s Crosses and also a freak show during the concert. The date hasn’t been set for this show, so keep an eye on future updates.

MEZZERSCHMITT‘s "World Rign Renaissance" will be released in September through Season Of Mist. The band, with both Blasphemer and Hellhammer of MAYHEM, are almost done in the studio, but due to working on new Mayhem material, they’ll finish the mini-album by summer.

PESSIMIST have started a label / distro company called metal-cds.com. The label will exclusively distribute Pessimist and other Death / Black / Grind Metal bands. Their first release will be a split CD with Pessimist and BLACK MASS. The distribution side will focus primarily on independent and unsigned artists, and is currently carrying all Lost Disciple Records titles.

SATYRICON‘s 10 year anniversary album "Ten Horns – Ten Diadems" is getting close to be released. The exact date is yet to be set, but it’ll definetly happen in June. The album will include 10 tracks (2 exclusive and 8 taken from Satyricon’s previous albums), a 20 page booklet with exclusive Satyricon pictures never been on print and a 4 page booklet with info about Satyricons forthcoming album "Volcano". The tracklist: ‘Filthgrinder’, ‘Supersonic Journey’ (both from "Rebel Extravaganza"), ‘Dominions Of Satyricon’, ‘Hvite Krists Død’ (from "The Shadowthrone"), ‘Forhekset’ (from "Nemesis Divina"), ‘Night Of Divine Power’ (from the EP "Megiddo", originally appeared on the album "Dark Medieval Times"), ‘Mother North’ (from "Nemesis Divina"), ‘Taakeslottet’ (from "Dark Medieval Times"), ‘Serpent’s Rise’ (exclusively for this compilation) and ‘Repined Bastard Nation’ (taken from the forthcoming album "Volcano", exclusively mastered version for this compilation).

GEHENNA have 4 new songs ready for their third album on Moonfog. They have scheduled to enter studio in August, with the two known contributors Blasphemer (Mayhem / Mezzerschmitt) on guitar, and Frost (Satyricon / 1349) playing the drums.

KHOLD are recently working with a new EP coming out this fall.

MONUMENTUM, the long and awaited release of the album "Ad Nauseam" will unfortunately again be postponed till after summer.

EIBON will be recording in August in US, with a release scheduled for January 2003.

DHG‘s still working with new stuff for their new album. Recording during summer, followed by release.

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