August 13, 2002

Former ANGELCORPSE bassist / vocalist Pete Helmkamp has joined REVENGE.

The St. Louis Metalfest 1 takes place on Friday, August 16th (6pm) and Saturday, August 17th (12pm) at 412 N. Tucker in St. Louis, MO. Acts on the bill for the all ages show include: MACABRE, FIVEPOINTE O, KATAKLYSM, JUNGLE ROT, MISERY INDEX, DIVINE EMPIRE, YAKUZA, GOATHORN, November’S DOOM, BOULDER, RAMMER, DICK DELICIOUS & THE TASTY TESTICLES, ANIBUS, JOHNNY VOMIT, REALM, 13 DAYS, DARK INFORMATORY, ORNAMENT OF DISGRACE and more to be added. For more information go to:

Frank Buffalino has joined INTERNAL BLEEDING, replacing veteran axeman Guy Marchais. Frank’s talent and dedication is welcome in the band and he has already contributed to the writing of "Hatefuel".

RUNEMAGICK‘s "Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse" will be available on limited CD and ultra limited 102 picture LP on August 26th. Limited to 1,000 copies on CD and 300 copies on picture vinyl, these are only available through Aftermath Music (

Brazen Music will release RUNEMAGICK‘s "Requiem Of The Apocalypse" album in North America on November 11th. It will include the bonus track ‘Death Magick’, exclusive to this release.

DARKANE spent nearly three months recording their new album, "Expanding Senses". The guitars and bass were recorded at the band’s studio during nights and weekends while drums, vocals and mixing was done at Dug-Out Studio by Daniel Bergstrand. A video clip has been shot for the opening track, ‘Innocence Gone’.

INVOCATOR have reunited and are recording a new album at Aabenraa Studios for a late 2002 release. Tracks on the release, produced and engineered by Jacob Hansen, will include ‘Infatuated I Am’, ‘There Is No Saviour’, ‘On My Knees’ and ‘Sand Between Teeth’.

CATTLE DECAPITATION will be heading out on the road with PHOBIA and MISERY INDEX starting on September 19th. This will be the bands first full-length tour reaching out across the US. Tour dates will be announced soon.

According to Metal Update, rumor has it that DARK ANGEL has reunited with the following almost all original lineup: Ron Rineheart, Eric Meyer, Jim Durkin, Gene Hoglan (still unconfirmed), and a new bassist.

VEHEMENCE have issued this update from the road, "Greetings, this tour with DECAPITATED is awesome, we get along with those guys like brothers. Nathan does the ‘Mandatory Suicide’ Slayer cover with Decapitated every night and it kills! Dead To Fall and Impaled have been treating everything with good respects."

SATYRICON‘s forthcoming album, "Volcano", has the following tracklisting: ‘With Ravenous Hunger’, ‘Angstridden’, ‘Fuel For Hatred’, ‘Suffering The Tyrants’, ‘Possessed’, ‘Repined Bastard Nation’, ‘Mental Mercury’ and ‘Black Lava’.

Due to a band member heart attack, BETHLEHEM were forced to cancel their appearance at the With Full Force Festival.

Romania’s Radical Conflict Production / Distribution are opening its gates. The first release from the new label will be FOGLAND‘s "Znaman" album, described as "cold pagan avangarde black with folk influences". Also due from the label is the Transylvanian Soundscapes Vol.I compilation, an album from THUNDERSTORM and two demos from VIELFTAVA.

Due to long stand by time, Kaos announced that he will no longer be part of SAMAEL. A new guitarist will be presented at this summer shows.

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