August 14, 2002

The INSISION / INVERACITY split-CD is finally out on Revenge Productions. For those who don’t it yet, INSISION’s part in this release is their godly "Revelation Of The Sado God" promo demo. For ordering information contact:

REQUIEM had to postpone the recording of their album for Revenge due to health problems of their drummer. The album will now be recorded later this year. For more news check their new website:

NUN SLAUGHTER are almost done with the recordings of their new albums for Revenge Productions. The album will be entitled "Goat" and is supposed to be out sometimes this fall. An exact release date is yet to be confirmed. Revenge will furthermore release a NUN SLAUGHTER demo EP entitled "Guts Of Christ" sometime soon.

Two more bands have been confirmed for the LUDWIGSHAFEN DEATHFEST: BLOODCUM (Holland) and WORMED (Spain). The Deathfest website will be updated soon, so make sure to go there frequently for all further news:

Sweden’s OBSCURA have been signed by Retribute Records. The band is musically supposed to be in the vein of Hate Eternal, late Morbid Angel and Nile. The album is scheduled for a January 2003 release.

Finland’s Black Metal act BLOODROSE is currently in the studio in their home country, putting the finishing touches to their long-awaited debut "Into Oblivion".

GILLA BRUJA will unleash the follow up to their "Tooth And Nail" album in November. The band is said to combine the intensity of sludge, the technological influence of industrial and the brutality of grind, resulting in a hate-filled offspring of GODFLESH, SOILENT GREEN, CROWBAR and OBITUARY.

SEEDS OF DESOLATION are set to begin recording their debut album entitled "Abattoir Of Carnal Rapture" at Spacelab Studios, Germany in late October. The album will see a January release and the band will be gigging before and after the release date.

SOILS OF FATE have recently released their debut album "Sandstorm" through Retribute Records. Just like on their "Pain… Has A Face" demo and "Blood Serology" promo the band continues to deliver brutal, blasting Death Metal in the vein of Cryptopsy, Internal Bleeding and Vomit Remnants.

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