February 13, 2002

VIU DRAKH‘s new album "Death Riff Society" will be released in March 2002 via Moonstorm Records. Visit www.viudrakh.de to learn more about the latest activities of the band and feel free to download a brandnew track off "Death Riff Society" under www.viudrakh.de/mutant.mp3 As an appetizer, the VIU DRAKH / DRILLER KILLER split 7" EP will be released on Xetal Records soon . The guys have recorded a brand new song as well as a cover of an ACCION MUTANTE song for this release.

Italy’s HORRID have signed a deal with the Russian label Morehate Prod. for the re-press of their MCD. The re-issue will have a completely new packaging, title and additionally features HORRID’s second demo, one live song and the brand new track ‘Evil’s Birth’. The band will furthermore sign a new deal with Deadsun Records.

EXMORTEM have updated their website with new photos, MP3’s and more. You can check it out at: www.exmortem.com

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