June 15, 2002

Wannes of PENTACLE will do some co-vocals for the Dutch band Izegrim for the song ‘Under The Banners Of Hatred’. This song will be released on their forthcoming album. PENTACLE has furthermore been asked to participate in a NECROVORE – tribute. This 10" is going to be released through the Dutch label From Beyond Records (NecroSchizma, Pentagram, Bathym / Sathanas). 4 bands will each cover a track of the legendary "1987 rehearsal / demo". Pentacle has chosen to record the track ‘Divuus De Mortuus’. It’s not sure when this 10" will be released. Other bands who are going to participate haven’t been confirmed yet, though Blood Storm have shown big interest in contributing ‘Toxic Decay’.

The third HATE FOREST album "Purity" is being mixed this week. Meanwhile their second is already out on cassette. You can find out more about this band and download an mp3 from the following URL: www.supernalmusic.com/labels/supernal/hate_forest.htm.

Due to manufacturing problems, Supernal Music have had to put back the release date for the 10" split picture disc with MAYHEM. The new release date is 1 July. The split 10" picture disc is, at any rate, already sold out. Individual customers may still pre-order, but there are very few copies left right now. www.supernalmusic.com

The work on the second THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL album seems to be well under way. It is to be titled "Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua". Tracks already penned are: ‘Og’s Last Stand’, ‘Giant Spiders From Hell’, ‘The Hanging Gallows Of Babylon’, A Beauteous Mill Of Murder’ and ‘The Embalming Of God’. Mirai from SIGH, Vincent Crowley from ACHERON, Huw Lloyd Langton plus others will contribute to the album, which is set for release during the first quarter of 2003. You can download an mp3 from the following URL: www.supernalmusic.com/labels/supernal/meads_asphodel.htm. Under FERLY005CD you will find a link called "more info" – when you click it a separate window pops up with information about "The Excommunication Of Christ", where you will find the link to the mp3.

Supernal Music have a number of re-issues planed for this year, including BEHEMOTH‘s "From The Pagan Vastlands", DEINONYCHUS "Ark Of Thought", and MAYHEM "Out From The Dark" picture disc.

ALASTOR will record a new CD ("Face The Barbarian Alastor") in July which should be out in Autumn 2002.

AMON in the line-up of Dr. Fe (vox) and Larva Krupica (guit) are still searching for members to complete their lineup and record new material sometime in Autumn 2002.

COUNTESS‘ Orlok is putting together material for a new CD called "Tales Of Blasphemy And Desecration". A rough mix version of a new song (‘Confessions Of A Polytheist’) is up on www.metalgospel.com in the HYMNALS section.

DEVIL LEE ROT is the solo project of Devil Lee Rot, frontman for PAGAN RITES. DEVIL LEE ROT offer pure Heavy Metal with a nod towards the NWOBHM and nothing else. DEVIL LEE ROT has agreed to a CD release of "Hellscraper / A Little Devil Ain’t Enough" which should be out before the Summer.

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY are awaiting the unlimited re-release of "Castrate The Redeemer" in July.

GRAVEWURM released their second CD "Dark Souls Of Hell" on May 24th and will go into the studio again in August to record a yet untitled 3rd CD with the help of session members.

HATEFUL AGONY from Munich (Germany) are currently recording their second CD and expect to finish the job in September.

HATEWORK are recording right now and should be done by late July so their yet untitled CD might be out before the Autumn.

HERETIC were unhappy with the first version and decided to re-record "Devilworshipper" to achieve an even more rotten and bestial sound.

MEGIDDO are still mixing "The Atavism Of Evil" planned for a July 2002 release. At the same time the unlimited version of "The Devil And The Whore" should be available.

MORRIGAN sold out the numbered version of "Enter The Sea Of Flames" in one week. Unnumbered versions of "Enter…" as well as of the first CD "Plague Waste And Death" are available for wholesale / trade as you are reading this. For further details contact: blackgoat@barbarianwrath.org The planned tour with BLASPHEMY had to be cancelled.

NUNSLAUGHTER are preparing the recording of their long awaited new CD "Goat" for Revenge Productions and will record a second yet untitled part of "Radio Damnation" in Autumn 2002 for Barbarian Wrath. Even before that an unlimited version of the long sold out first part is supposed to be out.

SARGATANAS are planning to record a new yet untitled CD in Autumn 2002.

SCYTHE just released their first CD "On My Way Home" and are working on new material.

SITHLORD have almost finished "The Return To Godless Times" planned for a July release.

STINY PLAMENU are awaiting the release of their second CD "Rany Cernym Kovem" in September 2002. New material is in the making.

The 3rd TEARSTAINED album will be called "Final Thoughts" and will include 8 new songs and 2 hidden coversongs.

THARGOS are recording right now and should be done by August so "KillFukk" might be out by September 2002. The band is trying to set up a tour throughout Germany and Austria in August 2002. Interested local promotors should contact the band immediately. cy@possessed.de

THE CHASM are currently recording "Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire". Planned release date is August 2002.

WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS just released "Black Sun Shall Rise" through Moribund Records and are in the final stages of mixing "Feasting On Christ".

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