March 30, 2002

In an interview with Hidden Throne zine DEFLESHED‘s Gustaf revealed the following news: "In June we’ll record our new album in Berno Studios for three weeks. It will be titled ”Royal Straight Flesh” and the music will definitely sound like Defleshed only that we mix in a few heavier parts like for example on the ”Under The Blade” album. Yet there are a lot more songs to write, but I think ”Royal Straight Flesh” will disappoint no one that liked us before…" To read the complete interview, go to:

HATE FOREST have entered the studio on March 24 to record their third album. Musically it is supposed to be in the vein of "Blood And Fire", but more epic. Meanwhile, the band is working on the artwork for "The Gates", their second album. "The Most Ancient Ones", their debut full-lenth, has generated positive interest so that its first pressing is almost gone already. The cassette format of "The Most Ancient Ones" should be ready in about two weeks. You can find out more about this band and download an mp3 from the following URL:

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL / MAYHEM split 10" picture disc will be released on May 27. The tracks from THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL are new ones, while the MAYHEM tracks are the only studio tracks MAYHEM ever recorded in the studio with the classic line-up. The picture disc will be limited to 500 copies. You can download an MEADS OF ASPHODEL mp3 from the following URL:

Supernal Music have a number of re-issues planed for this year, including BEHEMOTH‘s "From The Pagan Vastlands", DEINONYCHUS "Ark Of Thought" and MAYHEM "Out From The Dark" picture disc.

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