May 31, 2002

MINDGRINDER from Norway have been signed by Sound Riot Productions. The band features Mr.Cosmocrator (ZYKLON, SOURCE OF TIDE). The debut album is planned to be recorded in Akkerhaugen Lydstudios and mastered at Strype studios (DIMMU BORGIR, MAYHEM, EMPEROR, IMMORTAL) and will feature some special guests of famous musicians from Norway plus a video. The release is planned for early 2003.

IN FLAMES have finished recording their forthcoming as-yet-untitled album. The band are aiming for an August or September release and an exact date will be announced as soon as it’s official. Says the band, "It’s the best IF record to date, and we all hope you will enjoy it as much as the previous releases. Next stop: Rock The Nations in Austria, Summer Rocks in Hungary and Rockwave in Greece. And then we will hit US another time, with Slayer and Soulfly. The tour details will be added soon. See ya! Anders, Björn, Daniel, Jesper and Peter."

THE HAUNTED have made an agreement with Fredman studios in Gothenburg for the recording of their third full length album. Recording will take place over five weeks, beginning on August 26th. The band currently have eight songs written and three more in the works.

IMPALED will release their new album, "Mondo Medicale", on July 2nd. Following this release will be a 4-track EP, "Medical Waste", that will include a couple of cover songs. The band have a newly updated website at:

ENGORGED‘s self-titled debut full-length will be released on June 4th. The album was mastered by DREAMS OF DAMNATION guitarist Jim Durkin. Check out for more on the band.

MAZE OF TORMENT have completed work on their upcoming album, "Unmarked Graves", due out this summer through Necropolis. The record was produced by Tommy Tagtgren at Abyss Studios.

INSISION will be featured in the June 29th Hard Music Special Issue of Billboard Magazine. The band will be included in an article discussing the Scandinavian metal scene.

Two classic Earache tracks from GODFLESH and THE HAUNTED are featured on the soundtrack to EZ-Pass Vacation, the new skateboard video from 5-Boro, a New York City-based skate company.

CEPHALIC CARNAGE have completed their forthcoming record, titled "Lucid Interval". It was recorded at Colorado’s Hellion Studios with producer Dave Otero. The final tracklisting: ‘Scolopendra Cingulata’, ‘Fortuitous Oddity’, ‘Anthro Emesis’, ‘The Isle Of California’, ‘Pseudo’, ‘Friend Of Mine’, ‘Rebellion’, ‘Zuno Gyakusatsu’, ‘Black Metal Sabbath’, ‘Cannabism’, ‘Lucid Interval’, ‘Misguided’, ‘Redundant’ and ‘Arsonist Savior’. The album is due out this summer through Relapse.

A benefit show for the injured members of SOILENT GREEN will take place on July 13th at Burnt Ramen Studios in Richmond, California. Acts performing include: DYSTOPIA, EXHUMED, IMPALED, WATCH THEM DIE and SEVERED SAVIOR. Doors for the all-ages event open at 8pm. For more venue and show info contact:

IMPIETY will record their third album, "Kaos Kommand 696", at Berno Studios in Sweden from July 1st to 20th with producer Berno Paulsson. The album will feature 10 tracks and cover art by JP Fournier and Desmond Sia. A tentative October release has been set. On June 1st the band will perform with SODOM and SURRENDER OF DIVINITY in Bangkok, Thailand.

Back from their Spring Neckbreak 2K2 tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE and DARK FUNERAL, INCANTATION have finished mastering their "Blasphemy" album for Necropolis. The set will be released on June 18th.

DARKANE have completed work on their new album, "Expanding Senses". Due out on August 18th, the album has the following tracklisting: ‘Innocence Gone’, ‘Solitary Confinement’, ‘Fatal Impact’, ‘Imaginary Entity’, ‘Violence From Within’, ‘The Fear Of One’s Self’, ‘Chaos Vs Order’, ‘Parasites Of The Unexplained’, ‘Submission’ and ‘Growing Hate’ (Japanese bonus track).

LOCKUP, featuring vocalist Tomas Lindberg (THE CROWN), bassist Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH), guitarist Jesse Pintado (NAPALM DEATH), and drummer Nick Barker (DIMMU BORGIR) are confirmed to play three shows in Japan with WILL HAVEN and CONVERGE: June 27th in Osaka at Club Quatro, the 28th in Nagoya at Club Quatro and the 30th in Tokyo.

ORIGIN are preparing for the June 11th release of their sophomore album, "Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas", and a summer tour supporting NILE, ARCH ENEMY and HATE ETERNAL.

DARKTHRONE have written five new songs for their forthcoming album that will be recorded in October. Fenriz is currently working on the two more tracks that will complete the release. Rehearsals will begin in August. An MP3 file from the rehearsal will be posted at in September.

VITAL REMAINS have finished recording their new album, "Dechristianize", at Morrisound Recording in Tampa, FL. The set includes eight tracks and clocks in at 60 minutes. Vocals were done by Glen Benton, with guitars by Tony Lazaro and Dave Suzuki. Dave also did bass and drums as well as all the leads and harmonies. The album is set for release in September through Olympic in the US and Century Media in Europe.

MONUMENTUM‘s new album, "Ad Nauseam", will now be released through Moonfog partner Tormod Opedal’s Tatra label. The reason is that the album is more on the avantgarde/electronica end of the spectrum. For info go to:

ABLAZE MY SORROW have finished recording their upcoming 11 track album, "Anger, Hate And Fury", due for release this spring / summer through No Fashion. It was recorded at Studio Recordia and includes artwork from Niklas Sundin. In related news, the official Ablaze My Sorrow Suisite is finally online. Check it out at:

LORD BELIAL‘s fourth album, "Angelgrinder", is out now. New photos from the Angelgrinder Tour are available at:

WOLFEN SOCIETY‘s debut MCD is out now through House Of Death in North America. The US version features a different band photo from the European version and a few other differences in the CD layout.

A ROTTING CHRIST compilation album, "Mystical Meeting", will be released in Europe on May 27th.

The first edition of MACTÄTUS‘ "Suicide" album comes in an exclusive package through Napalm.

MENTAL HORROR‘s "Proclaiming Vengeance" album will be released officially in Brazil in the next couple of months through a deal with Encore Records.

A limited edition of TOTAL WAR‘s "We Are Total War" album will be available in Brazil through Mutilation Records.

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