November 11, 2002

Sweden’s THRONEAEON have signed a new deal with the Slovakian label Forensick Music. There’s been alot of negotiations with various labels since the band decided to leave Hammerheart Records and so far the new partnership looks very promising. Studio Underground is already booked during December this year for the recording of their next full-length.

EXCITER have parted ways with bassist Marc Charron.

Blabbermouth reports that guitarist Mitch Harris (NAPALM DEATH, ex-RIGHTEOUS PIGS), has reformed his DEFECATION project, the band he co-founded with former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris. Although Mick doesn’t appear in Defecation’s current line-up, the band are working on a new album, "Intention Surpassed", due out through Nuclear Blast in early 2003.

The long-awaited MORBID ANGEL tribute titled "Tyrants From The Abyss" has finally been released on Necropolis Records in the U.S. and Hellspawn Records of Sweden. Here is an excerpt from the Necropolis release announcement: "Tyrants Of The Abyss: A Tribute To Morbid Angel" release overview: Universally hailed as the greatest Death Metal band of all time, MORBID ANGEL stands as the ultimate confirmation of the Death Metal genre’s longevity and integrity. Since the band’s inception in 1985, MORBID ANGEL has been an integral part of the entire musical movement. Emerging from the Death Metal explosion of the early 1990s as the undisputed champions, MORBID ANGEL has set the standard for the style ever since, artistically and commercially, touring with artists like PANTERA, SLAYER, BLACK SABBATH, and MOTORHEAD as well as headlining countless tours of their own. This release is a tribute to that band’s vision and integrity, made by some of the Black / Death Metal scene’s most important bands, all of which, not surprisingly, are MORBID ANGEL fans. Including the modernized Blackened Death Metal approach of ZYKLON (featuring Zamoth and Trym of the now-defunct EMPEROR), Brazil’s KRISIUN, long-standing Polish Death Metal act VADER, whose over decade-long track record in the scene more than speaks for itself, as well as many other leading acts in the Death Metal genre. All the bands featured are at the forefront of the current Death / Black Metal generation, and all owe at least some debt of influence to MORBID ANGEL. Now is their opportunity to hail the most significant Death Metal band in history. This tribute has been made by fans of MORBID ANGEL- for fans of MORBID ANGEL. Tracklisting: ZYKLON – Dominate, VADER – Immortal Rites, SOULREAPER – Fall From Grace, ANGELCORPSE – Demon Seed, CENTURIAN – Blasphemy Of The Holy Ghost, LUCIFERION – Brainstorm, INFERNAL – Bleed For The Devil, DIVINE RAPTURE – World Of Shit (The Promised Land), DIABOLIC – Visions From The Darkside, IN AETERNUM – Maze Of Torment, EXCOMMUNION – God Of Emptiness, BEHEMOTH – Day Of Suffering and KRISIUN – Unholy Blasphemies.

According to a recent press release, Texas’ PROPHECY will not be playing shows / tours until further notice. However, founding member James Parks II (guitarist / vocalist / songwriter / drummer), is writing new material for the next full length, due out in late 2003.

The reformed DARK ANGEL (guitarists Jim Durkin and Eric Meyer, vocalist Ron Rinehart, and drummer Gene Hoglan) have announced that "shows in December are being rescheduled for March 2003, due to numerous personal scheduling conflicts within the band."

CATTLE DECAPITATION have been forced to cancel the remaining dates on their tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE "due to a medical emergency at home." They will however be playing in Hollywood in December (4th at The Palace) for Metal Blade’s 20th Anniversary show.

Upcoming shows for CRYPTOPSY are as follows: November 14 in Oshawa, ON at The Dungeon, 15th in Toronto, ON at The Kathedral, 16th in Windsor, ON at Diesel Lounge, 29th in Rimouski, PQ at La Coudée and 30th in Quebec City, PQ at Kashmir. On a side note, Cryptopsy are not performing at the Xtreme Benefest in Michigan as previously announced.

VADER are heading to South America on December 13th for a seven-date tour in support of their new record, Revelati.

DARKTHRONE are currently in rehearsal for their new album, "Hate Them", which they’ll begin recording in early December. A February release through Moonfog is expected.

DIVINE RAPTURE has recently entered Ron Vento’s Nightsky studios in Clinton, MD to record "The Burning Passion". They have been scrutinizing minuscule details to bring about an album of tight crushing brutality. Sessions ran smoothly and tracking is complete. The album is currently in mix-down. Be sure to check out the latest release from Ron’s band, Aurora Borealis ( featuring Tim Yeung on drums.

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