November 19, 2002

Sweden’s Selbstmord Services announces the release of LEVIATHAN‘s "Far Beyond The Light" album. The band is being described as "obscure, melancholic Black Metal in the early Norwegian tradition… disturbingly dark and eerie, somewhat perverted, highly over the standard…" A limited vinyl edition will be released by Germany’s Undercover Records.

Furias Records / Orion Music Entertainment from Argentina have the following CD releases available: DUNKELSTORM – "Schicksal" (in the vein of Samael, Alastis and Lacrimosa), MITTERNACHT – "The Desolation Of Blendenstein" (symphonic Dark Black Ambient like Summoning, Limbonic Art, Penitent and Evol), DIVE IN MINDS – "Innocent Victims" (progressive Death Metal, like Death, Atheist, In Flames, Children Of Bodom), EJECUCION – "Observation" (medieval Doom Neo Classical Metal), MASTIFAL – "Holocausto Mental (Thrash Metal), WAR – "We Are… Total War (Black / Death Metal with members of Hypocrisy, Vondur, Ophtalamia, Algaion, Pain – licensed from Necropolis Records), IN AETERNUM – "Past And Present Sins" (Death Metal – licensed from Necropolis Records), DIABOLIQUE – "The Green Goddess" (Gothic Dark Wave – licensed from Necropolis Records). For all further info contact:

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