November 21, 2002

Selbstmord Services have sold the rights for the first two SHINING albums to Avantgarde Music.

CRAFT are working on a new album which is planned to be recorded sometime during spring next year. The re-issue of their debut album "Total Soul Rape", which was supposed to be released this summer, will now be released sometime in December. Both the label and the band came to the simple conclusion that it would be best to remaster the album before this event, therefore a few delays have occurred.

KROHM‘s demo "Crown Of The Ancients" is being pressed on CD-format right now, in a limited edition of 1000 copies, to promote the forthcoming full-length album which will be recorded in February.

Here’s a press statement from ABORYM: "As some of you will know by now, our brother and singer Attila Csihar is currently being held in jail in Treviso, northern Italy, where he was arrested. He had 158 ecstacy pills and some grams of hash on him. We don’t know yet about how much he will get, but a trial should be set around December. Cross your fingers upside down! We will make you have news as soon as we get them, so many things you may hear about that case not coming from us, may be as well considered pure bullshit. Now, before you start thinking about that: Aborym won’t stop because of this. We will continue (as Attila himself asked us to do) and our third masterpiece with Attila Csihar on vocals will be released in January 2003 by Code666 in Europe and later by WW3 (Mercenary Musik) in USA, as previously planned. His arrest won’t affect in any way the release of such a masterpiece. This shitty situation is not enough to make us turn back or stop. We will continue to play and perform the most extreme music. ’till believing in the armageddon." The new, third ABORYM album "With No Human Intervention" is planned to be out in January in a modern-clinic-weird digipak format and with a special cd-rom track. Here is the final tracklist: ‘Antichristian Codec (intro)’, ‘With No Human Intervention’, ‘U.V. Impaler’, ‘Humechanics-virus’, ‘Does Not Compute’, ‘Faustian Spirit Of The Earth’, ‘Digital Goat Masque’, ‘The Triumph’, ‘Black Hole Spell’, ‘Me(n)tal Striken Terror Action 2’, ‘Out Of Shell’, ‘Chernobyl Generation’, ‘The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart’ and ‘Automatik Rave’olution Aborym’. The line-up on the album is the same as on the previous "Fire Walk With Us" but features many special guests: Bard G. Eithun "Faust" (ex-Emperor, now drummer in Dissection), Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest), Irrumator (Anaal Nathrackt), Matt Jerman (U.K. Void), OCD (Nocturnal Art Productions) and Sasrof (Diabolicum, who realized the bonus-track ‘The Wolf Song’).

ONDSKAPT are having their debut album pressed right now. This long awaited disc will most likely be available at the end of the year.

The FORGOTTEN TOMB debut album "Songs To Leave" has been released as a vinyl version including poster, limited to 300 copies. Currently Morbid is working on his second album "Springtime Depression" together with his newly joined drummer Wedebrand (ex – shining) which is meant to be recorded in January.

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