October 07, 2002

On October 1st, SATYRICON performed a surprise show at Oslo venue John Dee’s 5 years anniversary party. According to the band "For us it was an opportunity to test a few songs in front of a crowd before the real shit begins. We played three songs, ‘Orgasmatron’, ‘Fuel For Hatred’ and ‘Possessed’. It went down well and we feel ready. Presales are strong and it is definitely recommended to buy tickets in advance in the bigger Norwegian cities like Oslo and Bergen.

MÖRK GRYNING live keyboard player Johan Larsson has joined the band as full-time member.

Massacre have released MYSTIC CIRCLE‘s "Damien" album on vinyl LP with a bonus track, ‘Cry Little Sister’.

WARDULAK‘s new album, "Severed Eyes Of Posses", is out in Europe on October 6th via Season Of Mist.

NAGLFAR‘s new album, "Sheol", is already recorded, and will be released by New Hawen Records (formerly WAR Music) in January. "Sheol" (the Hebrew term for hell) contains eight tracks.

Work on the sixth BAL-SAGOTH album continues, and the band plan to record before the end of the year. Cover artwork will be done by famed British fantasy artist Martin Hanford.

GORGOROTH has now started the recordings of their new full-length album. The recording is taking place at their home town in Bergen, Norway. Eight songs are already finished. Ghaal will put vocals on the album as soon he’s able to get a permission from prison (probably in December). Tormentor is no longer a part of Gorgoroth. The band is planning to use a session-member for their live performances.

According to their website, the next CHILDREN OF BODOM album will be released in Finland on January 1st, 2003.

SUIDAKRA currently searching for a new guitar player. Interested and qualified musicians please get in contact with the band – contact@suidakra.info

CANNIBAL CORPSE’ "Worm Infested" album will be available on a mini-CD in a limited edition digi-pack from October 7th in Europe.

NAPALM DEATH‘s "Order Of The Leech" album is out in Japan through Toy’s Factory on November 20th with an exclusive bonus track.

SOULREAPER signed a multiple album-deal with Hammerheart Records. The band, featuring ex-Dissection members Johan Norman (guitar) and Tobias R. Kellgren (drums), recently finished the recordings of their 2nd full-length album entitled "Life Erazer". The new album is recorded & mixed at Los Angered Recording Studio with producer Andy La Rocque (Evergrey, Witchery, Morifade). Some of the songtitles are ‘Godless Reaper Of Souls’, ‘Son Of The Dead’, ‘Slow Fall Of Death’ and the title-track ‘Life Erazer’. According to guitarist Stefan Karlsson the new album is way more mature in arrangement: "The fast parts are faster, the heavy parts more heavy and the brutal parts are crushing everything that has been done. A killer album for sure."

Contrary to recent rumors, CENTINEX are not off the DEICIDE tour. Of the six scheduled bands three are off, namely INSISION, ANTAEUS and latest additions BLOOD RED THRONE. The final tour routing kicks off on November 6th at Rio’s in Bradford, England and wraps up on November 27th at Transilvania in Milano, Italy.

According to their website, the recording of INTERNAL BLEEDING‘s "Hatefuel" has been pushed back to January 2003.

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