October 09, 2002

COFFIN TEXTS have completed writing their 2nd full length. After the release of their debut "Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife", the band toured America with Incantation and Skinless. Bassist / vocalist Robert Cardenas is currently touring Europe with Florida Blastmasters DIABOLIC and the album will be recorded following the tour in late 2002. The cover art will be created by the Malfeitor (Aborym).

World War III Records and Avantgarde Music (Italy) have agreed to a deal that will formally release CARPATHIAN FOREST‘s "Morbid Fascination Of Death" album for America. The American version will include extra tracks.

The US Black Metal horde FOG has entered the studio to record the follow-up to their 2001 breakthrough debut "Through The Eyes Of The Night… Winged They Come". The album entitled "Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres" will be once again self-produced and the material is described as "stronger, darker and more gggressive, with the deep open wide fury only FOG can create." Some of the new song titles will include ‘Avatar Of Grief’, ‘From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity’, ‘The Writ Of Keogh’ and ‘Reign Of The Iron Emperor’.

ABORYM is completing the recording of the new album "With No Human Intervention" without the previously reported services of Hellhammer (Mayhem, Winds).

ENFORSAKEN have been signed by WW3 Records. The label will first release a collection of their previous works including the "Embraced By Misery" CD and their demos on one release entitled "Into The Everblack." James Murphy from Disincarnate / Death / Obituary fame will then be producing the follow up CD.

ALLEGIANCE‘s "Hymns Of Blod" will now be formally available in America through Mercenary Musik for the first time ever. The album packaging was designed by Nataanas.

World War III and Code666 have struck a deal that will bring "The Dark Blood Rising" by DIABOLICUM to America. The group features members of Setherial, Naglfar and Ancient Wisdom. The album features guests of Bewitched, Setherial and Naglfar, Odhinn, Walkyria, Hollenthon, Pungent Stench, Dirge Rep of Enslaved and Jon Nodtveit of Dissection who wrote some lyrics from jail.

VOID OF SILENCE‘s "Criteria Ov 666" album is coming soon on WW3. The band that features Malfeitor Fabban (Aborym) on vocals.

World War III has signed Polish newcomers WHICH HEAVEN. The band is said to play "their own special brand of complex atmospheric darkened Metal". The debut album entitled "Respawning Of The Gods" will be released in 2003 and will feature an evil-faced alien-embrion on the cover.

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