October 15, 2002

"Bloodforged Abdication", the first vinyl EP by New Zealand’s DAWN OF AZAZEL is being sent to the pressing plant this week. If everything goes as planned it should be released in 3 weeks now. It contains two songs ‘Bloodforged Abdication’ and a cover version of the ORDER FROM CHAOS’s classic ‘Plateau Of Invincibility’. The EP comes with full color cover, lyrics and pics, limited to 500 pieces, never to be repressed. All further info you may get here: www.hellflameprod.cjb.net

Additionally to the ordinary jewelcase version AMON AMARTH‘s "Versus The World" CD will also be released as a double digipak. It will contain 14 bonus songs (on an extra-CD), a 20-page-booklet (8 pages more than the regular version) and tons of extra photos. Here’s the tracklist of the bonus-CD: ‘Siegreicher Marsch’ (German version of the song ‘Victorious March’ of the first album), the band’s entire mini CD "Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds" (tracklist: ‘Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds’, ‘The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter’, ‘Burning Creation’, ‘The Mighty Doors Of The Speargod’s Hall’ and ‘Under The Greyclouded Winter Sky’), their second demo "Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter" (tracklist: ‘Burning Creation’, ‘Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter’, ‘Without Fear’) and their first demo "Thor Arise" (tracklist: ‘Risen From The Sea’, ‘Atrocious Humanity’, ‘Army Of Darkness’, ‘Thor Arise’ and ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’). "Versus The World" will be released on November 18, 2002 by Metal Blade Records.

BLOOD RED THRONE recently finished the recordings for their upcoming (2nd) full-length album "Affiliated With The Suffering". It was recorded at Dub Studios in Kristiansand (Norway), produced by Endre Kirkesola and Tchort himself and mastered at Strype Audio by Tom Kvalsvoll. Some songtitles are ‘Unleashing Hell’, ‘A Dream Of Death’, ‘Razor Jack’ and the title track. The album first comes in a limited edition digipak, featuring two exclusive bonus tracks (‘Mercy Killings’ and ‘Deadly Intentions’ (OBITUARY-cover). The vinyl version (strictly limited to 500 copies) contains the MASSACRE cover ‘Cryptic Realms’.

On October 31 Ledo Takas Records will release "Risti Ja Ruoska", a vinyl 7" EP by the Finnish Black Metal act HORNA. It is limited to 666 copies on green wax as well as a design in black / red. The EP contains two brand new, never before published songs.

In spite of earlier rumours that the limited edition (1000 copies) of OBTEST‘s "Tukstantmetis" debut CD is already sold out it has occurred that Wolf Records still store over 300 copies of it in their warehouse. In order to better advertise, distribute and simply provide the rare album to the fans, Ledo Takas immediately decided to obtain the entire stock of it. An additional CD insert sheet with all the lyrics and their translations into English (that were shamefully missing before) got printed for this occasion. www.ledotakas.com

With a help of Ledo Takas Records, Lithuanian’s Black Metal act DISSIMULATION have recorded 11 tunes at Phoenix Studio in Riga, Latvia, which comprise the "Maras" album. Sound engineer Gints Lundberg (Skyforger) made sure that the recording would get a thick and sharp Black Metal sound. The album was recently professionally mastered by Vytautas Stankus at Ophis Studio in Kaunas, Lithuania. There was some trouble with the mastering (that basically caused the delay in the album’s release), because Ledo Takas had agreed to master the recordings at a certain famous studio in Berlin, Germany. However, the owner got afraid of a Hitler speech sample in one of the compositions and rushed to declare he does not work with Nazi bands. Ledo Takas and DISSIMULATION here and now state, that the band has nothing to do with neither fascistic nor Nazi ideology, and let everybody interpret the aforementioned composition as his or her own mind suggests. The CD will be released on October 31, 2002 as a 6 panels digipak with a ten pages insert.

OBTEST are preparing three news tunes for their upcoming tour with GRIEF OF EMERALD, SKYFORGER, BESTIAL MOCKERY and SEAR BLISS. One of them (‘Gelezinis Vilkas’) has already been performed at a Pagan festival in Riga, Latvia a few weeks ago, where the band was also presenting their new bass player to the public.

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