October 18, 2002

Norwegian MANEGARM have started recording their new full length "Dödsfärd" (working title) at Underground Studios. The title is referring to the ancient burials of the vikings, and the music promises to be a fine, yet very recognizable elaboration of the band’s first two impressive releases. Belgian artist Chris Verwimp will again take care of the cover art. Expected to be released late 2002 / early 2003. web: www.devoted.to/manegarm

Displeased Records will re-issue the first INTERNAL SUFFERING full length "Supreme Knowledge Domain" (originally on Qabalah / Repulse Records) with remastered / improved sound and bonus tracks in late 2002. www.internalsuffering.iespana.es/internalsuffering e-mail: intersuffering@hotmail.com

The first, now impossible-to-get album of NINNGHIZHIDDA, "Blasphemy", will be re-issued with improved lay out and a Japan-only bonus track in late 2002. http://ninnghizhidda.darkwood.com e-mail: Mephi999@yahoo.com

Displeased Records now makes ENTHRONED‘s "Carnage In Worlds Beyond" album available on black vinyl as well as picture disc for the die hard fans out there.

LIMBONIC ART‘s latest effort "The Ultimate Death Worship" is now available on limited vinyl (1000 copies only) with one vinyl only bonus track.

The ARCTURUS releases "’Aspera Hiems Symfonia", "Constellation" and "My Angel" are now available as a double vinyl release, including one recording made during the "Aspera…" session, not appearing on the original release. All material was re-mastered.

Norwegian Black Metallers PERISHED have entered the studio to record their follow up to "Kark", the band’s debut full length album from several years ago. Thus far the band is very positive about the recordings, which promise to be a well balanced mix between the strong powerful and ‘melodic’ side of their debut and the raging rawness of the mini album "Grim" which was released last year on underground label Apocalyptic Empire. Both Jehmod (drums) and Ihizahg (guitar) been very busy lately recording with the likes of WURDULAK, GORELORD and BLOODTHORN! Await a late 2002 release. e-mail: Raymond.Nilsson@sintef.no

Expect LP versions of ULVER ("Nattens Madrigal"), BORKNAGAR ("Olden Domain") and CRYPTOPSY ("Whisper Supremacy") in late 2002.

In October and November, INTERNAL SUFFERING as well as GORETRADE (with INTERNAL SUFFERING members, debut album out on From Beyond Productions in early 2003!) will hit the US road again. On November 16th INTERNAL SUFFERING will perform live together with several well respected international brutal Death Metal acts, as part of the James Murphy Deathfest Benefit. For more info check www.deathfest.homestead.com. For mid 2003 an extensive INTERNAL SUFFERING Euro tour is in the works. e-mail: intersuffering@hotmail.com

Dutch Doomsters OFFICIUM TRISTE have just been added to the bill of the promising German two-day Doom Metal festival ‘Doom Shall Rise’ which will take place February 2nd and 3rd 2003. More info at www.doomshallrise.de.vu

US Black Metal act VESPERIAN SORROW is industriously seeking a capable bassist to record new material and play live. Interested people should contact the band via www.vesperiansorrow.net

MURDER CORPORATION are dissolved. A new and fresh related act is already installed, with the same musical intentions as the latter. More info later.

From Beyond Productions will release the European CD and LP version of the "Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey" album by US asshole rockers EAT MY FUK! Consisting of prominent and legendary members of the US Black and Death Metal scene, the band is not to be compared to the related acts, but rather to the sickest works of the likes of G.G. ALLIN, MOTÖRHEAD and a very early VENOM. Perverted inciting drunken raw punkrock with porn / violent lyrics and offensive artwork. Release: late 2002.

The "Back To Vengeance" and "The Carnage" studio sessions of Indonesians Death Metal act SIKSAKABUR will be released onto one CD in early 2003. Consisting of ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE members (among others) this band is supposed to mix blasting fast brutal Death Metal with ‘melodic’ passages, comparible to AGIEL, MALEVOLENT CREATION and at times very early NOCTURNUS. Previously both sessions have been released as limited cassette and CD-R versions, now with reworked sound and artwork.

Metal War Productions have released a limited edition (666 hand numbered copies) PROFANATICA 7". It features the tracks ‘Broken Jew’ and ‘Fuck The Messiah’. The first 100 copies of the EP are in blood red vinyl and come with the original Profanatica logo pin. The black vinyl sells for $7 (postpaid in the U.S.), the red vinyl with pin for $10 (postpaid in the U.S.). Contact: www.metalwarprod.com

The second LP of the true FROST, one of the oldest German Black Metal acts, is finally recorded and ready to be sent to the pressing factory. The album release is a cooperation between Hellflame and Niedersachsen Klan from Germany. You can contact both labels at: www.hellflameprod.cjb.net, email: sunandiron@hotmail.com www.geocities.com/nskhome/, email: niedersachsenklan@gmx.de

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