October 23, 2002

Finland’s melodic Black Metal horde BLOODROSE, who recorded their debut demo "Spectral Angels Symphony" back in 2001 have been signed by UK’s Retribute Records. Their debut CD "Into Oblivion" should be out by the time you read this. www.retributerecords.com

UK’s GILLA BRUJA will unleash their second album of horrific Death Cult Metal in December. According to a label info, the band has spent the months since the release of their debut "Tooth And Nail" to perfect their groove and their industrial-laced take on Metal.

Sweden’s OBSCURA have been signed by Retribute Records. Musically they are supposed to combine "the writhing darkness and technicality of bands like Hate Eternal, later Morbid Angel and Nile."

CRUACHAN are rehearsing very hard for their upcoming Benelux mini-tour early December with labelmates Thyrfing. This is the first time ever that the band will play live in Europe so don’t miss this unique opportunity. www.cruachan.cjb.net

DEMONS OF DIRT bassplayer Pontus Jonsson recently left the band. Anyone interested in the job contact Magnus Olsson at demonsofdirt@urme.com. Furthermore the band will enter the studio in November again to record the follow-up to their debut album "Killer Engine". www.demonsofdirt.net

DIMENSION F3H have recently finished the recordings of their debut album "Reaping The World Winds". Mastermind Morfeus is now working very hard on the album cover. The band is also rehearsing to sharpen the edge further regarding live shows. www.dimensionf3h.com

IMPIOUS will release a limited edition mini-CD titled "The Deathsquad" for their European tour. Tracklist: ‘The Deathsquad’, ‘Extreme Pestilence’, ‘Trapped Under Ice’ (Metallica-cover), ‘Soldiers Of Hell’ (Running Wild-cover), ‘Live Wire’ (Mötley Crüe-cover). Besides, the band will do a few gigs in Sweden with Blood Red Throne and The Forsaken as a warming up for the full European tour with Necrophobic and Impious in January 2003. www.impious.net

MACABRE hit the road on November 7th and will not return home until after Christmas for their 5th annual Holiday Of Horror show. Macabre will tour North America with Cannibal Corpse and Hate Eternal before flying to Europe for the No Mercy – Xmass festival tour with a.o. Six Feet Under, Marduk, Impaled Nazerene, Hate Eternal and Immolation. The band will play a varied set featuring new and classic songs. www.mindmelt.com

NECROPHOBIC will finally hit the road. In January 2003 they will do a full European headline-tour with Satariel and Impious as supports. Furthermore Hammerheart Records will re-release the first 3 Necrophobic-albums in 2003. On top of that the band is planning to record a limited edition 7" EP. www.necrophobic.ne

PRIMORDIAL just returned from a successful Benelux-mini-tour with Callenish Circle and Danish labelmates Mercenary. The band are now checking out the possibilities to go on a full European tour to promote their latest album "Storm Before Calm". www.primordialweb.tk

SATARIEL are preparing themselves for their upcoming European tour with Necrophobic and Impious in January 2003. The next album "Hydra" will be recorded in March 2003 in Dug Out Studio, again with producer Daniel Bergstrand. www.come.to/satariel

THYRFING will finally tour the Benelux again. The band will do 4 exclusive club shows early December together with Irish labelmates Cruachan and Dutch support Shadowbreed. Since the band will not do a big European tour, this will be the only chance to see the Svea Vikings live on stage for a while. www.thyrfing.com

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