September 12, 2002

SIX FEET UNDER recorded live footage for their new CD / DVD release "Double Dead" at the Lab in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 14th for a November 4th 2002 release (European release date). The show was professionally shot on film by Dave Roth, who directed ‘The Day The Dead Walked’, ‘Victim of the Paranoid’, and ‘Manipulation’ videos, and was digitally recorded live by Chris Carroll who worked with the band on the "Maximum Violence", "Graveyard Classics", and "True Carnage" CDs. Songs recorded from shows in WA and CO will also be featured on the live CD, which will be released as set hence the title "Double Dead". Also included on the DVD is the rare in store signing that took place at Root Cellar Records in St. Paul, MN. DVD box: ‘The Day The Dead Walked’, ‘The Murderers’, ‘Waiting For Decay’, ‘Impulse To Disembowel’, ‘Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane’, ‘No Warning Shot’, ‘Silent Violence’, ‘The Enemy Inside’, ‘Victim Of The Paranoid’, ‘Manipulation’, ‘Torn to the Bone’, ‘4:20’, ‘Bonesaw’ and ‘Torture Killer’. Special Features: inside Death Metal, photo gallery, discography. DVD: Recorded live on June 14, 2002 at The Lab in St. Paul, MN – no overdubs were used! Cover artwork by Paul Booth ( Bonus audio CD: ‘War Is Coming’, ‘A Journey Into Darkness’, ‘Revenge Of The Zombie’ (all recorded in Seattle, WA), ‘Night Visions’ (recorded during sound check in Seattle, WA) and ‘Hacked To Pieces’ (recorded in Denver, CO).

CANNIBAL CORPSE will be releasing "Worm Infested", a six song EP including three unreleased tracks from their most recent release, "Gore Obsessed", a Japanese bonus track, a European bonus track, and a limited edition bonus track that appeared on "Gore Obsessed. "Worm Infested" is a strictly limited edition collectors EP, which will only be available through the initial pressing. The exact release date for the European release is not set yet, but it looks like a late October / early November release. "Worm Infested" tracklisting: ‘Systematic Elimination’ (previously unreleased), ‘Worm Infested’ (previously unreleased), ‘Demon’s Night’ (previously unreleased cover song of ACCEPT), ‘The Undead Will Feast’ (previously released in Japan only), ‘Confessions’ (previously only released on the European version of "Live Cannibalism"), ‘No Remorse’ (METALLICA cover, previously only released as a limited edition bonus track on "Gore Obsessed").

Florida’s BRUTALITY has reunited, but are still lacking in a suitable drummer. They’re programming the drum tracks on a drum computer at the moment, but that is only supposed to be for temporarily usage. So, anyone reading this in the Tampa, Florida area can contact the band at the following phone number: (813) 933 2312. You will get an answering machine, but if you identify yourself Mausolus will pick up if he’s there.

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