September 13, 2002

NORDVARGR, the solo-project from MZ.412’s mastermind will be released in a strictly limited edition digipak cd in October 2002, as a coproduction between code666 and Eibon Records. "Awaken" is supposed to feature "… thick, massive and utterly dark soundscapes of true black ambience created by one of the founders of the now legendary Swedish industrial scene."

Some words from EXMORTEM: "Hello there, just a short note from the studio… The new Exmortem album will be called: "Pestilence Empire". Everything is going as planned in the studio and we are extremely satisfied with the result so far!!! The songs just keep on growing with each new layer of guitar and bass and we haven’t even begun to ad vocals yet!! Another update will follow in a few weeks!!!"

RAVAGER is nowadays working as a three piece band. After two years Eric has decided to leave the band, due to different goals and interests in his life. The band will be playing the upcoming live shows this way and then maybe a bass player replacement will be needed, since Antimo will take over the second guitar. RAVAGER is currently working very hard, writing new tracks for their second album, planned to be recorded between February and April 2003. Some new songs are ‘Crestfallen Of Divinity’, ‘Hades Rises’, ‘Antagonist Grim’, ‘Through Honor And Fury’ and ‘In The Depths’.

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