September 20, 2002

Christian Bass has decided to leave NIGHT IN GALES. Here’s his official statement: "Yes, the rumours have been true and I gonna leave NIGHT IN GALES in October. After 7 years I felt something like stagnation coming up. So, I thought about doing something new, something that makes me burn again. Surely, also some unnecessary personal and musical differences made this descision even easier, but weren’t the main part of it. So, there is no reason to say that this split was needed to be done but is better in some ways. I really hope that the rest comes up again and finds a good drummer and record label again! All the best from here dudes!!! Anyone interested in my "old job" should write the guys at:,, For the people who think that I am out of business as I leave NIGHT IN GALES. YOU ARE WRONG!!! I already started a new Band called DEADSOIL with ex-members of COPYKILL and DRIFT. Look out for a release early / mid 2003. This will have my main priority, and it moshes up your bootie! Keep your eyes’n’ears open wide for this one. Also, some more BLOODRED BACTERIA ( releases are released and planned again. Just have a look at our webspace! The old GODZ AT WAR ( recordings are gonna be released soon on CD through Heavy Metal Rock Records Brazil. Maybe there will also be some new stuff? There are also talks about various excellent projects that should come up in 2003. So, I am not dead because of leaving NIGHT IN GALES. GOT IT? I also wanna thank DEW-SCENTED and SIX REASONS TO KILL for giving me the opportunity as a stand-in drummer and getting me on the road. Always again!?! If anyone wants to get in contact with me, just mail and and I will get back 100%. So, hope to hear from you and have a good night. Keep It Evil. Chris"

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