September 25, 2002

The drummer for the upcoming PESSIMIST US tour will be Mike Perigo, who played in Cadaver Symposium, the former band of M. Harrison (Misery Index). The band continues to write for the next release and will return to Omega Studios (Rockville, MD) this Fall to record an EP tentatively titled "For Stronger Than Death Is Hate". Lost Disciple Records has just re-pressed all PESSIMIST CDs including "Blood For The Gods" and the debut "Cult Of The Initiated".

The release of FUNERAL PROCESSION‘s new demo "Solar Eclipse" is delayed until mid of October. The demo will include three new songs as well as a Mayhem cover. Distributors, labels & mags should contact Devil Worship Records ( for wholesale prices or promotional copies. The band’s guitarist, Iwein, has left the band after the recordings in order to concentrate more on his own bands Iwein and Carpe Noctem and Count Gothmog will leave Germany to live in Clydach / Wales on September 27th, so he may not be able to answer e-mails and snail-mail within the next week. Both addresses (e-mail and normal post) are still remain active until a new one has been posted on the band’s homepage. Ordinary mail will be forwarded to Wales but it may take some time until there will be a possibillity to answer. It is also unsure yet when a new internet-connection will have been set up, so it also may take some time until the band’s website will be updated again. All pre-ordered demos or trades will be sent out as soon as possible, but anyone else interested in the demo is adviced to order it directly from Devil Worship Records as this way there will be no delay until everything is fixed in Wales. Nightfog Productions ( is going to release a FUNERAL PROCESSION-shirt this autumn. The shirt will be limited to 30 copies. Anyone interested in this shirt should directly contact Nightfog Productions as the band won’t sell the shirts.

CENTINEX need your help! Do you have any Centinex live photos laying around? Or are you able to create Centinex wallpapers, winamp-skins, screensavers etc? Then send them your material and get it published on the CENTINEX website. Quality stuff will be rewarded with free goods.

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