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April 30, 2002

ARCH ENEMY will tour with NILE and HATE ETERNAL beginning in July. Dates will be announced soon.

CADAVER INC. are currently working on their new album. The recording will most likely take place in September / October, followed by the release in March 2003.

Watch for a split 7" EP (colored vinyl limited to 1000 units) from CADAVERIZER and FUNEBRARUM. Cadaverizer features Kam Lee (ex-MASSACRE and DEATH vocalist) plus members of EXHUMED and DEKAPITATOR. The band’s debut album, "Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods", will be out soon on Necroharmonic Productions.

The upcoming tour featuring HOUWITSER, DYING FETUS and MONSTROSITY kicks off on September 4th in Denmark and runs through September 29th in Spain.

According to TotalRock, CEREMONY, who feature ex-MORBID ANGEL bassist / vocalist Steve Tucker, CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist Pat O’Brien and DISASTRONAUT guitarist Greg Reed, have recruited former EMPEROR drummer Trym. The band are currently working on their second album for an undisclosed label.

CHILDREN OF BODOM are currently in a studio in Lappenranta, Finland recording a new single, "You’re Better Off Dead", plus a cover song. The release is set for July 1st in Finland only. It will be available through Spinefarm Records mail order.

VITAL REMAINS vocalist Jake Raymond and lead guitarist Ron Green have parted ways with the band in order to pursue a new project called CAST OF VENGEANCE which also includes former Vital Remains bassist and frontman, Joe Lewis.

MARDUK are still waiting for INS approval for the DANZIG tour. So far the response from the US embassy has been positive and the band hope to bring the verdict from INS very soon. Marduk will soon put up the reconstructed version of their website.

AGALLOCH have completed their new album, "The Mantle", due out in July. Tracks include: ‘A Celebration For The Death Of Man…’, ‘In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion’, ‘Odal’, ‘I Am The Wooden Doors’, ‘The Lodge’, ‘You Were But A Ghost In My Arms’, ‘The Hawthorne Passage’, ‘…And The Great Cold Death Of The Earth’ and ‘A Desolation Song’.

GOD DETHRONED is currently writing songs for their forthcoming album. The working title is "The Universal Slavedriver". The band will do some headlining shows in Holland and some festivals. One of the highlights this year will be a show at the Milkyway Club in Amsterdam together with a VJ who also did the band’s videos. The show will contain all kinds of footage of these videos, but also lots of new stuff. Further, God Dethroned will have TV screens built up like Satan’s Crosses and also a freak show during the concert. The date hasn’t been set for this show, so keep an eye on future updates.

MEZZERSCHMITT‘s "World Rign Renaissance" will be released in September through Season Of Mist. The band, with both Blasphemer and Hellhammer of MAYHEM, are almost done in the studio, but due to working on new Mayhem material, they’ll finish the mini-album by summer.

PESSIMIST have started a label / distro company called metal-cds.com. The label will exclusively distribute Pessimist and other Death / Black / Grind Metal bands. Their first release will be a split CD with Pessimist and BLACK MASS. The distribution side will focus primarily on independent and unsigned artists, and is currently carrying all Lost Disciple Records titles.

SATYRICON‘s 10 year anniversary album "Ten Horns – Ten Diadems" is getting close to be released. The exact date is yet to be set, but it’ll definetly happen in June. The album will include 10 tracks (2 exclusive and 8 taken from Satyricon’s previous albums), a 20 page booklet with exclusive Satyricon pictures never been on print and a 4 page booklet with info about Satyricons forthcoming album "Volcano". The tracklist: ‘Filthgrinder’, ‘Supersonic Journey’ (both from "Rebel Extravaganza"), ‘Dominions Of Satyricon’, ‘Hvite Krists Død’ (from "The Shadowthrone"), ‘Forhekset’ (from "Nemesis Divina"), ‘Night Of Divine Power’ (from the EP "Megiddo", originally appeared on the album "Dark Medieval Times"), ‘Mother North’ (from "Nemesis Divina"), ‘Taakeslottet’ (from "Dark Medieval Times"), ‘Serpent’s Rise’ (exclusively for this compilation) and ‘Repined Bastard Nation’ (taken from the forthcoming album "Volcano", exclusively mastered version for this compilation).

GEHENNA have 4 new songs ready for their third album on Moonfog. They have scheduled to enter studio in August, with the two known contributors Blasphemer (Mayhem / Mezzerschmitt) on guitar, and Frost (Satyricon / 1349) playing the drums.

KHOLD are recently working with a new EP coming out this fall.

MONUMENTUM, the long and awaited release of the album "Ad Nauseam" will unfortunately again be postponed till after summer.

EIBON will be recording in August in US, with a release scheduled for January 2003.

DHG‘s still working with new stuff for their new album. Recording during summer, followed by release.

April 26, 2002

To promote their new album "Hellblast" HELL-BORN will visit several places in the United States. Psychomancer will accompany them. On April 28, HELL-BORN will perform the first concert at the "Connections" Club in New Jersey and afterwards will remain overseas till mid – May. Their tour can be extended by 3 concerts in Canada but places and dates are subject to confirm.

QUO VADIS will probably release their new album ”Krol” (”King”) through Conquer Records. Since their origin in 1988 they already released five full length albums: "Quo Vadis", "Politics", "Test Draizea", "Uran", "Po". and won many prizes and contests and gained many positive critiques in the profesional musical press.

Polish Death / Thrashers MESS AGE are about to finish the recording sessions for their new album "Self Convicted". It was recorded at Red Studio in Gdansk (home studio of VADER and YATTERING). The tracklist: ‘Among The Empty Walls’, ‘Fulfilled With Nothing’, ‘Infected By Deflections’, ‘The Existence Door’, ‘C.O.L.D’, ‘Post Scriptum’, ‘Devoured With Famished Eyes’, ‘The Scarlet Rings’ and ‘Kill The Falsehood’ (feat. Nergal from Behemoth). The CD will be released by Conquer Records in May 2002. MESS AGE will play the UK again with YATTERING on 1st of June at The Peel in Kingston + 2nd of June in London at Dublin Castle.

April 25, 2002

MELECHESH are currently in the writing process and demo recordings of their next full length album. At the end of May the band will furthermore record ‘Babylon Fell’ for a Celtic Frost tribute.

ABSU are currently working on three new songs for the next, self-titled album, which are ‘Galla Temple’, ‘Night Fire Canonization’ and ‘Between The Absu Of Eridu and Erech’. Proscriptor was also one of the top finalists for the new drummer position in Slayer, but was turned down because of his paranormal contour. Many rumors had circulated around the globe that he "was" officially chosen, but this information was 100% not true.

AXIS OF ADVANCE will release their upcoming albums on Osmose Productions.

April 24, 2002

Ex-MORBID ANGEL frontman Steve Tucker is currently working on some new material. In an interview with Hidden Throne magazine he revealed the following news: "I am looking to the future, I have 2 things going on, first, I am working on a new CEREMONY CD as we speak, and it will have Trym from EMPEROR playing drums on it, I am extremely excited about this, it think Trym is an amazing drummer and the material is very powerful, I have another band as well that I working on, but CEREMONY is my focus right now." "… look for the CEREMONY CD by the end of the year…" You cam read the full interview here: www.hiddenthrone.tk

April 23, 2002

Conquest Music will be reissuing MONSTROSITY‘s second studio release, "Millennium" on May 7, 2002 in the U.S. The hard to find classic release features vocalist, George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, now of Cannibal Corpse. This was George’s last album as frontman for Monstrosity. Monstrosity completed a three week tour of Mexico in February with some of the best shows to date, crisscrossing Mexico making many new fans along the way. Then it was on to Sao Paulo Brazil where people were turned away at the door after 1.300 rabid fans squeezed in the venue. In Recife Brazil 800 Monstro fans fought to catch a glimpse of the band and listen to the Monstro sound. Now, back in the States, Monstrosity will headline a Metal fest in Tallahassee, Fl May 18th and one in Chicago June 15th with a number of US dates being scheduled in June and July to coincide with the reissue of "Millennium". In September, they are scheduled for 40-50 dates in Europe along with Dying Fetus. In between their busy schedule, Monstrosity has just completed a preproduction version of their next studio album which will be the follow up to "In Dark Purity". So expect another release before the end of the year.

The recent cancellation of THE CROWN‘s Los Angeles appearance at The Roxy, by the Roxy promoter, on April 13th is still a mystery. Guitarist Marko Tervonen had this to say about the cancellation, "This fucking sucks, we haven’t been back to Los Angeles since the show with Cannibal Corpse, now everyone is screwed out of a killer show".

MARDUK have been hard at work on their eighth studio record, and have five songs written and ideas planned out for twelve more.

ABIGOR will play live for the first time in nine years on July 27th at a festival in Innsbruck, Austria.

JUDAS ISCARIOT‘s "To Embrace The Corpse Bleeding" album is out now in Europe through Red Stream.

Warspirit Records have released KRISTALLNACHT‘s "Of Elitism And War" album in Europe.

GRIEF OF EMERALD‘s new album, "Christian Termination", will be released on May 21st through Listenable.

ABORYM are currently working on their forthcoming album, "With No Human Intervention" at BOTH Temple Of Noise and Cyber Studios. Also guesting on the album are Nattefrost from CARPATHIAN FOREST and Mick Kenney from ANAAL NATHRAKKH. Bard G-Eithun Faust (ex-EMPEROR) wrote some lyrics for the new album as well.

Martynas Meskauskas (aka Lord Ominous), leader of the one-man-band ANUBI from Lithuania, died in a tragic accident in Lake Michigan, near Chicago.

EXHUMED will release the compilation, "Platters Of Splatter: Cyclopedic Symposium Of Execrable Errata And Abhorrent Apocrypha 1992-2002", the complete Exhumed discography later this year.

DECAPITATED will play the OzzFest in their native Poland on May 29. The band will line up alongside Ozzy Osbourne, Tool and Slayer and will surely be the most extreme representative on any of the OzzFest bills this year, an event which will also be Decapitated’s biggest show to date. The band’s latest and greatest album "Nihility" will be issued in a limited vinyl format on May 27. Limited to just 500 copies, the release will come on 220g vinyl in a high gloss embossed sleeve. All copies will be hand numbered.

April 22, 2002

CENTINEX guitarist Johan Ahlberg – who had a session position for a few months – has now become a permanent member of the band. Centinex are now working together with Dreamtide Music, a new Swedish management and booking agency. Their first target is to book a small east-european tour for late July / early August. The U.S releasedate for "Diabolical Desolation" is set to April 30th. The album has already catapulted to #17 on the CMJ Loud Rock chart.

April 21, 2002

After a delay of almost a year PENTACLE‘s "Ancient Death" 12" has finally been released now. Limited to 500 copies and being accompanied by a 16-pages booklet it is available for 15 Euro / 15 US Dollar (Europe) & 20 US Dollar (world). Prices include p&p. For orders send your well-hidden money (no coins) to: PENTACLE, c/o Wannes Gubbels, Franse Hoef 17, 5531 PD Bladel, The Netherlands.

April 19, 2002

The PENTACLE / DESASTER gig in Luzern, Switzerland has been cancelled. Desaster’s vocalist Sataniac has attracted himself a lung-inflammation and is currently staying in a hospital. Because Desaster was the headliner for this gig, Pentacle decided to cancel the gig too. Like drummer Tormentor from Desaster said: "It’s important BOTH bands can absolve the gig. It’s about the package and not about one of the bands." Pentacle feels very sorry for Fabio (organizer) and the club, but felt that this was the best way to act. Both Desaster and Pentacle hope to play the gig on another date.

Sleepless – editor Steven Willems is writing a book about the Dutch act THE GATHERING. Title and release-date are still unconfirmed.

PENTACLE is negotiating with Metal War Productions from the US about releasing a possible 10". This vinyl-only release will feature BLOOD STORM as well. Both bands will use live-recordings for this purpose. Blood Storm will use recordings they made at the Destruction-Fests where they did 2 shows with Destroyer 666, NunSlaughter, Sadistic Intent and more. Probably, an extra cover-tune (recorded live in the studio) will be added as well. Pentacle will dig a bit further in their morbid vaults. The band will use 3 songs from a live-recording made in Mill, Holland, 1993. These recordings were made prior to the recording of the "Winds Of The Fall" demo. Although dated, these recordings are very heavy. The band felt these recordings were the best made ever. As it looks now the following songs will be featured: ‘Buried In Mankind’s Sleep’ (only featured on the "Winds…" demo), ‘Deepness Of The Depths’ (featured on the "Winds…" demo & re-recorded in a new version for the "…Rides…" album") and ‘The Usurper’ (featured on Celtic Frost’s "To Mega Therion" & "Tragic Serenades").

April 18, 2002

SLAYER‘s Kerry King makes an appearance in the new SUM41 video, ‘What We’re All About’, with a guitar solo. The video is on MTV now, and can be seen on in the video section of Slayer.net. Slayer recently won an ESPN Action Sports and Music Award for "best BMX riding music". The band’s video for ‘Bloodline’ has been added to M2 – it’s also a selection on M2’s Rock Box.

April 17, 2002

CENTURIAN‘s "Liber ZarZax" album is available on vinyl now as well through Listenable Records.

ANCIENT RITES will record a live-CD/DVD on the 14th of June in the Biebob-club (B).

BLOOD RED THRONE will enter Dub-studio on the 6th of May to record their 2nd, yet untitled album.

Morfeus recently finished the recordings for the new LIMBONIC ART album. Right now he is busy with the pre-production of the upcoming DIMENSION 3FH album. The album will be mixed in Fredman Studio. It seems there will be some very interesting guest-musicians on this album but nothing is 100% confirmed yet.

DISMEMBER is currently writing new material for their first album on Hammerheart Records. The band plans to enter the studio in summer-time. Besides the band is confirmed for the Graspop Festival.

IMPIOUS will release a MCD titled "Deathsquad" as appetizer for the upcoming full album. Tracklist: ‘The Deathsquad’ (taken from the upcoming album), ‘Extreme Pestilence’ (re-recorded), ‘Trapped Under Ice’ (METALLICA cover), ‘Live Wire’ (MÖTLEY CRÜE cover), ‘Medusa’ (ANTHRAX cover) and ‘Soldiers Of Hell’ (RUNNING WILD cover).

INFERNAL will enter the studio to record a MCD titled "Summon Forth The Beast" in one month from now. The MCD will feature an album track, an exclusive non-album track and the covers ‘Bleed For The Devil’ (MORBID ANGEL) and ‘Of Doom’ (BATHORY). Besides there are plans to record VON’s ‘Devil Pig’ but that’s not 100% confirmed yet. In autumn the band will enter the Dug Out Studio to record the full-length album with producer Daniel Bergstrand. Current INFERNAL line-up consists of Blackmoon (guitars, bass), Typhos (guitars, vocals) and Alzazmon (drums).

The planned NECROPHOBIC tour with ANCIENT RITES and PRIMORDIAL was cancelled. But the band is negotiating with a new agency in Poland for a small Poland-tour with 3-4 shows.

PRIMORDIAL will record a live-show for a live DVD/CD in the Biebob-club on the 14th of June together with labelmates ANCIENT RITES. Last but not least there are plans to re-release the long-time sold out demo on CD.

SATARIEL is currently negotiating with a few managements after the split with Sure Shot Worx. The band is currently working on new material and roughly plans to record the follow-up to "Phobos & Deimos" in November / December.

The release of the new THYRFING album "Vansinnesvisor" has been delayed until the summer. The band is still working on cover and design-ideas. There are some MP-3 teasers from the new album available at: www.thyrfing.com

April 16, 2002

Just back from their tour with MANOWAR, USURPER will be heading into the studio soon to record their Earache debut. The label has just released reissues of two of their classic albums, "Visions From The Gods" and "Necronemesis", both containing unreleased bonus material and new packaging.

CARNAL FORGE posted the following update recently: "We probably have around 10-13 songs with music. And it feels that there is a lot of ideas laying around just waiting to be tried out. We will once again enter Studio Underground for the fourth album. We will start to record in mid-September and the release is planned to late January 2003".

According to frontman Anders Friden, IN FLAMES are aiming to have 14 songs on their forthcoming album, bringing the running time of the CD up to 55 minutes. He still has 4 tracks to sing on. The as-yet-untitled album is scheduled for an October release through Nuclear Blast.

SLAYER and IN FLAMES will all be appearing at Summer Rocks 2002, which takes place in Budapest, Hungary from June 7th – 9th.

MYRKSKOG have nearly completed their second album. A album has not yet been titled but tracks on the release include: ‘Blood Ejaculation’, ‘Over The Gore’ and ‘Bleeding Wrists’.

KATAKLYSM, back home after their recent European journey, have begun working on their next album, "Shadows & Dust". Some new song titles include ‘Where The Enemy Sleeps’, ‘Beyond Salvation’, ‘Chronicles Of The Damned’, ‘Face The Face Of War’, ‘Centuries (Beneath The Dark Waters)’. The band will begin recording with guitarist / producer J-F Dagenais at Victor Studios in May. "Shadows & Dust" is scheduled for release on November 4th through Nuclear Blast.

INTERNAL SUFFERING will be doing a full scale US tour starting on April 23rd through June. The band is still looking for a show in the NY, PA or MD area and the MO, IL or IN area. If you are a promoter, booking agency, club, band or person interested in hooking up the band with a show in any of these areas, please email Internal Suffering at: intersuffering@hotmail.com

MALEVOLENT CREATION have inked a deal with Nuclear Blast for Europe. The band is currently playing the No Mercy Festivals with HYPOCRISY and IMMORTAL. They will begin recording the new album, "The Will To Kill", this coming summer with Jean-Francois Dagenais of KATAKLYSM-fame at Victor Studio.

April 15, 2002

Whilst many Death Metal bands flirt with images of horror, for most it’s just used for effect or image enhancement. Few take their interest beyond the confines of a band set up – but Daniel Ekeroth, INSISION bassist and holder of a Master’s Degree in Cinema studies has taken his interest as far as having a book published on the Italian horror genre he loves so much. Titled ‘Violent Italy’ and available via Tamara Press, Ekeroth’s book provides detailed coverage of exploitation cinema, tackling such subjects as mondo films and spaghetti westerns through to the obscure delights of cannibal and nunsploitation flicks. Ekeroth explains his motives behind writing the book: "I studied Cinema at the University of Stockholm for several years, and together with a friend (also a collector, and with a masters degree) I decided to write this book about 9 months ago during some heavy drinking… We realised that no book that analysed the more obscure Italian genres existed…so – let’s make one! Genres like terror & nazi has seldom been described (if ever). We also were a bit pissed that most books about these kind of films are childlishly written by people who doesn’t care as much for the films as for the ‘gore & violence’." Despite his heavy schedule with INSISION, Daniel also finds time to contribute to Italy well-respected horror magazine ‘Nocturno Cinema’, and has also been the driving force behind the ‘Violence Film Festivals’ held in Sweden, that have attracted criticism from some Christian groups, protesting at the extreme content of the festivals.

April 11, 2002

In a recent interview NOCTURNUS‘ Emo Mowery revealed that Nocturnus has disbanded again. "It’s a shame and we were so close to recording the next record", he said. "There will be a new band with a new name (unknown as of yet). The line up will include the three remaining members of NOCTURNUS, Mike Davis-guitar, Emo Mowery – vocals / bass / keyboards and Chris Bieniek – drums. There is also a possibility of bringing in another singer, Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory currently in Seven Witches). That way we will have all realms of vocals." To read the complete interview, go to: www.hiddenthrone.tk

April 09, 2002

Blabbermouth reports that drummer Dave Lombardo will be sitting behind the kit for all of SLAYER‘s upcoming touring activities "until late this year", according to an informed source. Meanwhile, the band’s version of STEPPENWOLF’s ‘Born To Be Wild’, will be included on the upcoming NASCAR-sponsored "Crank It Up" compilation CD.

THE HAUNTED have released a 2CD set in Japan that includes their new live album, "Live Rounds In Tokyo", plus "The Haunted Made Me Do It" album. The AT THE GATES cover, ‘Blinded By Fear’ is included as an exclusive Japanese bonus track.

ARCH ENEMY are confirmed to play this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting festival, which takes place on July 5th and 6th in Dessel, Belgium.

CHILDREN OF BODOM will record a new single this spring. It will be released in Finland on July 1st.

MORRIGAN release their new album, "Enter The Sea Of Flames" on April 20th through Germany’s Barbarian Wrath label. 666 hand numbered copies will be available. The band will perform at their record release party that night at Klub Kuckuksei in Nurtingen, Germany. Other bands on the bill will include EMINENZ, SCHATTENREICH and KARKADAN.

MEGIDDO‘s "The Atavism Of Evil" and GRAVEWURM‘s "Dark Souls Of Hell" albums will be out through Barbarian Wrath in May.

WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS will release their new album, "Feasting On Christ", this fall through Barbarian Wrath. Also due this fall is SITHLORD‘s "Defend The Faith" and HERETIC‘s "Devilworshipper".

Witches Brew is a new sub-label of Barbarian Wrath. So far the label has signed three acts: SCYTHE, HATEWORK and THARGOS, with other deals in the works. Go to www.witches-brew.org for MP3’s of all the signed bands. Acts looking for deals can e-mail the label at witchesbrew@witches-brew.org

MARDUK will spend two months on the road in the US supporting DANZIG from May 29th. Meanwhile, the band’s limited edition "Blackcrowned" box set is more or less sold out. All copies have been shipped out to all the distributors worldwide.

April 08, 2002

The release date for the fifth LUNAR AURORA full length is still uncertain at this point of time. Even though the album is recorded for quite some time it seems that the band’s label Ars Metalli is currently into big financial trouble, so only time will tell whether "Elixir Of Sorrow" will be released through them or any other company in the near future. No matter what, in about 2 – 3 months from now Aran, Whyrhd and Sindar will already start pre-production for their sixth album. Fans of the band should furthermore watch out for two split EP’s that are coming up soon. One will be a 12" and features GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN, PEST, NOCTE OBDUCTA and probably NAGELFAR. The other one might consist of tracks by MIGHTIEST, NAGLFAR, SECRETS OF THE MOON, DIE PEST and SCHWARZE GALLE.

April 05, 2002

Florida’s HATE ETERNAL are in the studio, putting the finishing touches on "King Of All Kings", the follow-up to 1999’s "Conquering the Throne". The band (comprised of guitarist / vocalist / mastermind Erik Rutan, bassist Jared Anderson, and drummer Derek Roddy) are recording the new album at Rutan’s own studio, Dimensional Sound Studio in Tampa, Florida. Rutan took time out of his whirlwind recording schedule to put together this exclusive report on the recording of the new album: "So far the recording process has been tremendous. Jared, Derek, and I all got great tones to tape and incredible performances. I feel way better than even I anticipated. I feel this is a great follow up to "Conquering The Throne". It has been a lot of hard work since I am engineering and producing this at my own studio as well as playing all the guitars and singing but the end result will be so gratifying. The sound of this album is much better than the first album with better drum tones and better everything. The material on this album can be described in one word: Evil. Anyone who liked our first effort will love this album as well. It is still Hate Eternal Brutal Death Metal but I feel this album is more diverse while still true to what we are all about. The title "King Of All Kings" is a continuation of "Conquering The Throne" and is a testament to self-will and the desire to achieve greatness. We have and always will have the goal to be one of the best Death metal bands of all time and that is something we do not take lightly. Some people thought Hate Eternal was a one time wonder side project. Quite the contrary! We are a massive force that will not stop recording or touring, for the sake of keeping Death Metal alive and fresh. Jared, Derek, and I are 110% committed to continuing the path we have set forth for ourselves, so surprise, surprise, we’re back and here to stay! Be prepared!" -Erik Rutan / Hate Eternal, March 26, 2002.

Stefan Hanus (guitar) has left FLESHCRAWL. The band is now looking for a new guitar player in Germany. Here’ the official statement from Stefan: "Having been guitar player in Fleshcrawl for more then 10 years I recently decided to retire from music business. Of course, this was a very hard decision for myself. Being guitar player in Fleshcrawl has always been a great experience and we have always had a great time together. However, the reason for my decision is quite simple: In the future I want to have more time for my private life – I also intend to do some longer trips abroad. But of course I will continue being a fan of Death Metal music! As long as my friends in Fleshcrawl will need to find a successor I intend to continue to play guitar on their live shows – just to help them out. Thank you very much to all of you and to the guys in Fleshcrawl for a fuckin’ great decade of Death Metal! – Stefan Hanus." Guitarists that are interested to join FLESHCRAWL should contact the band for further details at Kill@fleshcrawl.de or via snailmail: FLESHCRAWL, Finkenweg 17, 89257 Illertissen, Germany

April 04, 2002

Mighty Music have signed DIM MAK (ex – RIPPING CORPSE) for the European territory (licensed from Dies Irea Prod.). The European version of the band’s upcoming new album "Intercepting Fist" will be released with one bonus track and completely different front cover and layout to the US version (Olympic Records). Release date is set for June 2002. "Intercepting Fist" has been produced and mixed by Eric Rutan (Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal) – an old friend of DIM MAK and former member of Ripping Corpse.

April 03, 2002

Hammerheart Records just announced the signing of the Swedish band HEARSE. The core of the band consists of Johan Liiva (vocals and bass) and Max Thornell (drums), with the addition of Mattias Ljung (guitars). Johan and Max played together from 1990 up until 1994 in the band FURBOWL (two albums released) and Johan Liiva is furthermore known for the vocals on the first three ARCH ENEMY-albums. A 7" as well as a full-length album will be released before Autumn 2002, of which the latter might include a cover of the Pet Shop Boys’ classic ‘It’s A Sin’.

NINNGHIZHIDDA from Germany have finished the recording and mixing / mastering of their new album "Demigod" for Displeased Records. The release date is May 13th 2002. The first 2000 copies will come as a limited digipak.

"Legend", the new album of Japanese Black Metal heroes TYRANT, is in its final preparation stage before the official release. The new songs are supposed to be somewhat more melodic, without losing the pure evil touch they presented on their debut. The cover artwork comes from Petagno. The release date is May 13th 2002.

INTERNAL SUFFERING from Colombia have finished the recording and mastering of their new opus "Chaotic Matrix" for Displeased Records. Expect some brutal blasting tornado Death / Grind in the vein of Devourment, Suffocation and early Cryptopsy. Release-date: May 25th 2002. With great success INTERNAL SUFFERING supported Cannibal Corpse on a mini tour through Colombia earlier this month. At the moment they are in full preparation of the North American Extermination tour II 2002 with over 20 US dates.

DEFORMITY from Belgium finished recording their second full length, "Superior" at Excess studios, Rotterdam. Mastering will take place at the famous Electric Studios in Brussels. Set to be released on Displeased Records on May 25th 2002. Deformity started out years ago as an H 8000 Hardcore act, soon to transform into a demonic hateful brutal deathcore infested entity, with oppressing extreme music and lyrics. Think high-octane Cannibal Corpse-meets-Morbid Angel in a bloody sacrificial ritual.

The mysterious northern warriors of UNLORD manifest with their latest and last opus "Lord Of beneath". The new album is supposed to be a perfect mix of their fast pacing debut and their somewhat more melodic second album. After this album UNLORD will disappear into obscurity forever. Expect an May 2002 release.

Displeased Records will release a limited vinyl version of the upcoming DESTROYER 666 album, named "Cold Steel… For An Iron Age". With different artwork this LP will be a true collector’s item for sure. Expected late April 2002.

In May 2002 "Smells Like Team Spirit IV" will be available, with new and unreleased tracks a.o. by Vesperian Sorrow, Even Song, Alchemist and Nunslaughter. Cover art will be delivered by Kris Verwimp (of Marduk and Absu fame).

For European territory Displeased Records licensed both latest efforts of PHOBIA and MENTAL HORROR from US based label Deathvomit / Necropolis. PHOBIA hails from California USA, playing their typical crusty variant of Death / Grind, highly inspired by the originators Terrorizer, Nausea (LA) and early Napalm Death. MENTAL HORROR from Brazil are playing some total over-the-edge insane ultra Death Metal, something like Krisiun or Angel Corpse on speed. "Serenity Through Pain" (PHOBIA) and "Proclaiming Vengeance" (with two Europe only bonus tracks, MENTAL HORROR) are both available now.

Recorded at Mother Mary’s Vagina Studios in early July 2001, the new NUNSLAUGHTER album will finally be released on May 25th, 2002 as a limited (500) vinyl edition (of which the first 200 will have white vinyl and a NUNSLAUGHTER badge) and CD, with different cover art.

With the help of Paul Tucker of SATHANAS, From Beyond Productions will release the "Early Years" album of SATHANAS and BATHYM. With overlaping line-ups, both bands stood at the birth of the American Black Metal scene in the late eighties / early ninties, and are hailed in the entire underground scene ever since. The CD will cover the demos and 7" releases of both bands, as well as tons of unreleased, live and rehearsal material. The SATHANAS / BATHYM – "Jaws Of Satan" CD will be released May 25th, 2002.

From the isolated Russian underground scene hails SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS, a Death Metal act in the veins of Cannibal Corpse, Deeds of Flesh and Mortician. To promote the band’s activities, From Beyond Productions will release a limited 7", with two new tracks, in the summer 2002.

REINFECTION from Poland will very shortly record a limited 7" entitled "Good Efficient Butchery" for From Beyond Productions, containing some new material. The release is set for summer 2002.

The professionally recorded and produced debut album "Systematic Terror Decimation" by Indonesian’s ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE (formerly known as VILE), which was previously only locally released on cassette, was finally released on CD. The CD version contains the same tracks plus their promo 2001 tracks as a bonus.

From Beyond Productions has just released the LP version of the discography album of Chilean cult Black / Thrashers PENTAGRAM. The LP includes both legendary late eighties demos as well as 2 live tracks, capturing the essence of this influential band, hailed by the likes of Dave Rotten (Avulsed), Mitch Harris (Napalm Death) and Wannes (Pentacle).

April 02, 2002

INSISION‘s new album, "Beneath The Folds Of Flesh", is out through Earache / Wicked World on April 29th. The tracklisting: ‘World Impaled’, ‘Trapped Within’, ‘Sado God’, ‘Temple Of Flesh’, ‘Rewind Into Chaos’, ‘Impamiiz Graa’, ‘My Fever’, ‘Before My Altar’ and ‘Ex Oblivion’.

HATE ETERNAL are in the studio, putting the finishing touches on their new album, "King Of All Kings". Recording at guitarist / vocalist Erik Rutan’s own Dimensional Sound Studio in Tampa, the band has declared "King Of All Kings" to be "beyond anything done up to now".

GRAVE entered Stockholm, Sweden’s Sunlight Studios on March 3rd with producer Tomas Skogsberg to complete work on their forthcoming album, "Back From The Grave". A June release through Century Media is expected. The band’s new line-up includes: Ola Lindgren (guitars / vocals), Jonas Torndal (guitar), Jensa Paulsson (drums), and Fredrik "Fredda" Isaksson (bass, ex-THERION).

ARCH ENEMY are now confirmed for Friday, April 5th at the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival and on Saturday, April 6th at the New Jersey Metal Fest.

KRISIUN will join SEPULTURA on the main stage of South America’s largest independent festivals, Abril Pro Rock on April 20th.

CADAVER INC. are confirmed to play Metal Meltdown IV in Asbury Park, NJ on April 5th. Following this appearance the band will embark on their first US tour. Dates begin on April 7th at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, IL and wrap up on April 14th at Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL.

DARK FUNERAL‘s upcoming tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE, INCANTATION and PISSING RAZORS kicks off on March 29th at the Emerson Theatre in Indianapolis, IN. The tour winds up with a show on May 5th at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Over the next few weeks, several Season Of Mist acts will hit the road. While PENUMBRA tour France with WITHIN TEMPTATION, DESTROYER 666 are playing the No Mercy Festivals and THE CREST will be supporting MORTIIS.

ISENGARD‘s "Vinterskugge" album is out through Peaceville US on May 21st.

Norway’s FORLORN were a Viking metal band with only two members, therefore a studio band that never toured. The band is now a five piece including GEHENNA’s former vocalist Dolgar. The band plan to release a new album through Napalm in August and hope to tour in support of the release.

MARDUK are confirmed to play this year’s With Full Force festival in Leipzig, Germany on July 5th / 6th. This show will feature the debut of new drummer, Emil Dragutinovic. Other acts on the bill include SLAYER, MOTORHEAD and IMMORTAL.

Season Of Mist are set to release MAYHEM‘s catalogue on vinyl LP’s. "Deathcrush", "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", "Wolf’s Lair Abyss" and "Grand Declaration Of War" will all be included in the limited edition box (2,000 only), along with a 7" single containing two previously unreleased songs recorded after "Deathcrush", with Dead doing the vocals.

On April 9th, American / Universal will reissue the following SLAYER catalogue titles: "Divine Intervention", "South Of Heaven", "Live: Decade Of Aggression", "Reign In Blood" and "Seasons In The Abyss".