April 11, 2003

BENIGHTED will record their third album "Insane Cephalic Production" during the summer. The recording will take place in Germany with producer-engineer Christian Kholemannsleiner (Agathodaimon, Ad Inferna). The release is planned for the end of 2003. The band also has a new bass player. His name is Remi. Liem has taken over the second guitar.

Italy’s FORGOTTEN TOMB got signed by Adipocere Records. Their new CD "Springtime Depression" should be out in early May.

The album of Parisian Black Metal band TEMPLE OF BAAL ("Servants Of The beast") and Czech band LUCIFUGUM ("On Hooks To Piece") are now out on Oaken Shield Records. BLODSRIT ("Ocularis Infernum"), BERSERK ("Rites Of Supremacy"), OLC SINNSIR ("The Throne Of Dead Emotions") CDs will follow in May and June. In June, Adipocere will also release new albums by FINNUGOR and Y WOLF.

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