February 10, 2003

According to singer Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES / ex-THE CROWN / LOCK-UP) THE GREAT DECEIVER will be finished their forthcoming album by the end of February. Watch for a spring release through Peaceville.

PYREXIA has reformed and have posted MP3s at the following site: www.mp3.com/pyrexia. The band is scheduled to appear at the the March Metal Meltdown and the Maryland Death Fest www.supremebrutality.com/fest with SKINLESS, MALIGNANCY, SUFFOCATION, DEVOURMENT, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and more. The band are currently consulting labels about the rereleasing their catalogue: "Sermon Of Mockery", "HatredAngerAndDisgust" and "System Of The Animal".

BAL-SAGOTH are writing their sixth studio album and there are plans to release a series of graphic novels set within the mythological world of the Bal-Sagoth lyrics, and a film studio based in Burbank, California is interested in producing an animated Bal-Sagoth-based fantasy film.

KRISIUN are scheduled to hit BeBop Studios in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late February with renowned Canuck producer Pierre Rémillard (CRYPTOPSY, VOIVOD, ANVIL). The follow up to "Ageless Venomous" should see the light of day in early summer.

Maryland based Speed / Thrash Metal band AS WE DESTROY have announced the release of their debut EP on King Fowley’s (DECEASED, October 31) Battlezone Records. The EP consists of original tracks, and a cover of ‘The Evil’, originally recorded by BLOOD FEAST. The CD cover art was created by Eddie Shahini, the guitarist of DEAD BRAIN CELLS. You can email the band at AsWeDestroy666@aol.com for more info.

VEHEMENCE have been added to the upcoming North American tour featuring DEICIDE, BEHEMOTH, AMON AMARTH, and REVENGE.

AFTER DEATH, the new band of Mike Browning (ex-MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS, ACHERON drummer / vocalist) has finished recording a new demo. They also have a website at www.afterdeath666.com

SEVERE TORTURE‘s "Misanthropic Carnage" will be released in the US on March 18th via Hammerheart. A US tour is being planned for this year.

HEARSE, featuring former ARCH ENEMY vocalist Johan Liiva, release their first full-lenght album, "Dominion Reptilian", on March 18th via Hammerheart.

This year’s X-MASS FEST 2003 European tour runs from December 7th at London’s Mean Fiddler through December 21st at 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands. Acts on the bill include HYPOCRISY, DESTRUCTION, VADER, NILE, DEW-SCENTED, MISERY INDEX, DISBELIEF and another as-yet-unnamed act.

SEPTIC FLESH have parted ways with drummer Akis and keyboardist George Z and have replaced them with CASUS BELI members Fotis and Bob Katsionis. The group have also recruited touring guitarist Alex Haritakis (ENSEMBLE).

SAMAEL will headline the Metalmania festival in Katowice, Poland on April 4 and the Ostrava Fest in Ostrava, Czech Republic on April 5.

THYRFING has confirmed three dates in Finland from April 17th-19th with BARATHRUM, SKYFORGER and LUCIFERASE.

YATTERING are back with a new album, "Genocide", their debut for UK label Candlelight, due out on March 25th.

INCANTATION will soon announce dates for their "Upheaval Of Blasphemy" South American Assault Tour.

Candlelight are reissuing VED BUENS ENDE‘s "Written In Waters" album. The album, originally released through Misanthropy, will feature new artwork.

HOUWITSER will be entering Excess Studios in Rotterdam, Holland on March 28 to record their new album "Damage Assessment". The band’s website has a new address www.houwitser.com

REVENGE will be the opening act on the Deicide, Behemoth, Amon Amarth US tour in March and April.

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