January 06, 2003

The heralded and heavily anticipated return of the most gifted Thrash Metal giants thrusts into high gear in early 2003, when the original line up of New York’s NUCLEAR ASSAULT initiates a world tour throughout the New Year 2003 to support the upcoming "Alive Again" live album for Screaming Ferret Wreckords. Confirmed dates will take the band through the US during the Winter (with openers Origin and All That Remains) and in Europe through the Spring on the No Mercy / Easter Festivals 2003 package tour with stalwarts Testament, Death Angel, Marduk and Pro-Pain. The band’s line up, consisting of vocalist / guitarist John Connelly, bassist Danny Lilker, guitarist Anthony Bramante and drummer Glenn Evans made their presence known throughout 2002 on select performances and festival dates around the world in an effort to ‘test the waters’ – if the world was ready for their unique, dexterous yet uncompromising Metal. The result set the wheels in motion for the upcoming all-out assault! In August, Bramante bowed out due to the commitments of his job and was replaced by the more than capable Erik Burke. Lilker comments on the upcoming tour: "It’s gonna be great to finally tour again! People seem totally psyched that they will get to see us in the flesh again. We hope to see all diehard Metalheads banging and moshing in the front…" Formed in 1984 by Danny Lilker (who has also been a founding member of Anthrax, S.O.D., Brutal Truth, among others), NUCLEAR ASSAULT enjoyed a ten-year career that spawned 6 studio albums and EPs and a host of world tours. While emitting a dark sense of humor, the band’s catalogue acknowledged the gamut of social concerns, from political tyranny and environmental devastation to capitalistic excess and basic human apathy. Their 1989 opus "Handle With Care" garnered much critical-acclaim, while its singles ‘Critical Mass’ and ‘Trail Of Tears’ received generous MTV airplay. The forthcoming "Alive Again" live album represents NUCLEAR ASSAULT’s first release in over 9 years. Lilker explains: "We will soon be releasing our new live album, so people can see for themselves that we still have it! I know a lot of Thrash bands seem to be reuniting and some people are wondering ‘Can these guys in their late 30’s still hack it?’ The answer is undoubtedly yes!" Not content to keep the reunion to a mere commemorative or nostalgic event, NUCLEAR ASSAULT is also planning a new studio record for the near future! Danny Lilker offers a sneak preview of what can be expected: "We are in the process of writing new material, and I can tell you that it’s definitely in the style of the old stuff. Once again speaking for myself, I think the Metal scene NEEDS an injection of classic Thrash Metal ‘cos I’ve had enough of people thinking Linkin Park is Metal. We’ll have to show these youngsters how Metal is really played!" All further info at: www.nuclearassault.us

CHILDREN OF BODOM are confirmed to appear at the 17th annual South By Southwest Music Festival, set to be held March 12-16 in Austin, Texas. The band’s new album, "Hate Crew Deathroll" will feature two bonus tracks: ‘Silent Scream’ (SLAYER cover) and ‘Somebody Put Something In My Drink’ (RAMONES cover).

THE END RECORDS have secured distribution rights for Sweden’s Regain Records. Regain North America begins with the following releases in January: DEFLESHED’s "Royal Straight Flesh", KARMAKANIC’s "Entering The Spectra", OPUS ATLANTICA’s self titled album, REPTILIAN’s "Thunderblaze", TENEBRE’s "Electric Hellfre Kiss" and TIME REQUIEM’s self-titled debut. MARDUK’s "World Funeral" and the new album from SEHERIAL will follow.

The Japanese record label WORLD CHAOS PRODUCTIONS is looking for European and North American Black Metal and melodic Death Metal bands for distribution and possible recording contracts. Bands on their roster thus far include TERROR SQUAD, GRIMFORCE, ILLNATH and AGONY’S LAMENT and Japanese Thrashers KING’S EVIL. Contact World Chaos at worldkdm@syd.odn.ne.jp or wcp@syd.odn.ne.jp for more information. Material can be sent to World Chaos Productions, #406 New Light Bld., 2-25-6, Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 113-0033.

Cogumelo Records has released the new record from Brazilian Thrash act SIECRIST called "What’s Going On Your Mind".

CRADLE OF FILTH‘s forthcoming album, "Damnation And A Day" will be out in Japan on March 5th with an exclusive bonus track.

EINHERJER have posted three songs from "The Eternally Damned" demo. The tracks that can be found at www.einherjer.com are as follows: ‘The Eternally Damned’, Ware Her Venom’ and ‘Dead Knight’s Rite’.

OLD MAN’S CHILD‘s forthcoming album, "In Defiance Of Existence", will be released on vinyl in Europe through Century Media on January 20.

MARDUK have posted MP3 clips of ‘To The Death’s Head True’ and the title track ‘World Funeral’ at their website, www.marduk.nu. "World Funeral" is due out in Europe on February 24th through Blooddawn Productions.

DIVINE RAPTURE is currently in mixdown mode for the album "The Burning Passion". In related news, the band are also featured on the MORBID ANGEL tribute, "Tyrants From The Abyss", performing ‘World Of Shit’.

Roadrunner Japan are reissuing the following classic titles on February 21st: MACHINE HEAD‘s "Burn My Eyes" (1994), WHIPLASH‘s "Insult To Injury" (1990), DEFIANCE‘s "Void Terra Firma" (1990), HEATHEN‘s "Victims Of Deception" (1991) and SADUS‘ "A Vision Of Misery" (1992).

Mark Adams (guitarist for DECEASED) has launched his official DECEASED website www.upthetombstones.com

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