March 04, 2003

MORRIGAN finally have a website up at They are also searching for places to play all over Europe for a tour in Spring 2004 with MYSTIFIER / ABIGAIL / MORRIGAN / EMINENZ. Whoever is interested and capable of organising a show should contact immediately.

Witches Brew signed a new band with TOXIC HOLOCAUST from Delaware. More info on this can be found at and mp3s are up already at

The release date for AETERNUS "A Darker Monument" and VOID "Posthuman" has been changed to 05.05.03.

Noble Wolves, a sub-label of Red Stream Records, will be releasing the third album by Germany’s WINTERBLUT ("Grund: Gelenkkunst") and a MCD by DEBAUCHERY ("Dead Scream Symphony") this month. Not scheduled with exact dates yet, but later to be released through Red Stream / Baphomet Records are: NECROPHAGIA / SIGH- split 7" EP (featuring the tracks ‘Kindred Of The Dying Kind’ by Necrophagia and ‘Young Burial’ by Sigh) and S.B.S. / Browneye – split 7" EP. Brown Eye includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members. One of their punk-influenced songs is about the famous Black Metal murder of the nineties. Satan’s Bake Sale’s material sounds like old moshcore mixed with whirlwind grind and a heavy emphasis on humor.

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