May 29, 2003

MORBID ANGEL have entered D.O.W. (Diet Of Worms) Studios in Seffner, Florida, to record their next album. In the studio are guitarist Trey Azagthoth, drummer Pete Sandoval, and bassist / vocalist Steve Tucker, along with co-producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez who has worked as Morbid Angel’s live front-of-house sound engineer for the past eight years. Tentatively dubbed "H2K3", Morbid Angel’s next album is as-yet-untitled but is rumored to begin with the letter, "H", in keeping with the alphabetical order of all the band’s preceding albums — beginning with their 1989 Earache debut, "Altars Of Madness", and continuing through their last release, 2000’s "Gateways To Annihilation". "H2K3" is slated for a September 2003 worldwide release on Earache Records.

DEICIDE are currently in Tampa, writing and rehearsing material for their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled Earache debut. According to Deicide drummer Steve Asheim, the new material will be "the heaviest, fastest shit Deicide has ever released. Fans should have a box of depends ready ’cause they’ll all be shitting all over themselves when they hear it." Deicide plans to hit the studio mid-summer for release in October on Earache.

After a couple of years of wrangling between NAPALM DEATH and Earache, peace finally reigns and Napalm and Earache have co-ordinated a "Best of & Rarities" 2 CD set for release on 7 July 2003 in UK / Europe. The title of the comp, selected by Barney is "Noise For Music’s Sake". Disc 1 of the set contains the best tracks culled from Napalm’s 10 album career with Earache. Disc 2 is made up of very rare tracks, including long lost recordings from the early line-up with Lee Dorrian and Bill Steer. Shane Embury has supplied stunningly rare and never released tracks from early ND gigs at the Mermaid pub in 1986 from the early Bullen / Broadrick / Harrris era. Liner notes for the set incorporating many unseen pics and exclusive interviews with the band members is being co-ordinated by Shane Embury. See confirmed track listing on the Earache site here

The brand new album "The Painter’s Palette" from Italian avantgarde metallic-neo-jazz maestros EPHEL DUATH is out in the UK / Europe. The album is conceptually inspired from the connection between sounds and colours, "The Painter’s Palette’s" artwork is published strictly in black and white. The intention of it is to give colour through their sounds or to play the sound of colours. With titles such as ‘The Passage (Pearl Grey)’ and ‘Ruins (Deep Blue And Violet)’ every song is depicted by a different chromatic shade, so the listener’s mind becomes a painting with infinite possibilities of sounds and colours, musical tonalities and contrasting hues. The album has already received amazing reveiws – with the full KKKKK in Kerrang from the esteemed journalist Jonathan Selzer. A video clip for ‘The Passage’ is available for viewing at Read an exclusive interview with singer Davide Tiso here

An in-depth interview with CARCASS‘ ex-members is set to be exclusively revealed at at 17.00 UK time on Friday 30 May. Be sure to log onto the site to catch the first interview with this legendary band in 5 years, the first time they have spoken since they split. Some interesting news will be revealed.

FUSE (formerly MuchMusic USA)’s Metal show, "Uranium", is devoted to coverage of last weekend’s New England Metal and Hardcore Fest during the month of June. Each new episode in June features interview footage with one band from the fest, and kicking it all off on Monday, June 2, is an episode featuring THE HAUNTED. Tune in at 7 pm eastern time to see exclusive footage, both onstage and backstage chatting it up with Uranium host, Juliya.

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