August 09, 2004

THE CHASM have finally completed work on their new album, the band’s first for Wicked World, going under the title of "The Spell Of Retribution". Comprising 10 tracks with a running time of over 66 minutes, "The Spell Of Retribution" represents The Chasm’s most adventurous and ambitious project to date. Recorded at Soto Sound Studios in Illinois and then mixed by Corchado at Lux Inframundis, the album’s recording was not without its problems, including at one point a studio fire that set the schedule back and led to the album taking longer than anticipated to complete. Nevertheless the process resulted in the following tracklisting: 1. From The Curse, A Scourge…, 2. The Omnipotent Codex, 3. Conqueror & Warlord, 4. Manifest My Intervention, 5. Fortress, 6. Retribution Of The Lost Years, (I, The Pastfinder III), 7. Conjuring The New Apocalypse, 8. The Eclipse: Monument To The Empire – I) Sentence and Burden – II) The Voyage – III) The Restitution, 9. Remains Of The Covenant and 10. Eternal Cycle Of Delusion. Commenting on the completion of his band’s latest opus, Corchado says: "We are definitely very proud to announce the completion of this new chapter, the 7th, in The Chasm’s odyssey, after almost 3 months of hard work in the studio and a schedule full of delays and problems, "The Spell Of Retribution" has reached the end of its creative / constructive journey. Armed with a thick, darkened / heavy production, interwoven with what surely is our most complex and destructive material, "The Spell…" is for sure a lengthy and memorable piece of darkened Heavy Metal that praises Death and certainly is not a one dimensional album, like so many infecting the scene nowadays. We can assure the true believers of this Cult of Death, and to any fan and follower of this movement, who still feels the darkened flame of this music, that when you hear "The Spell…" you’ll encounter a devastating experience, one full of unexpected turns and musical atmospheres presenting controlled chaos and the intense feeling of revenge and inner victory…" "The Spell Of Retribution" is scheduled for a November release date. All further info at or

"Sexual Perversity By Autopsy", the new album by Germany’s GOMORRHA, is out on Nice To Eat You Records & Mutilated Records. The band plays brutal Death Metal in vein of Severe Torture, Dying Fetus and the likes, with guttural vocals and sick lyrics. For more info go to or MP3 samples can be found here:

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