December 04, 2004

German Black Metallers FUNERAL PROCESSION have finally returned from the studio and finished the recordings of their new EP "Legion Cymru", which will be released as a 7" (on Nightfog Productions), MCD (on Millennial Visions) and MC with several bonustracks (on Intolerant Rekords). 7" and MCD are scheduled for a late 2004 / early 2005 release (the MC should follow shortly after in the first quarter of 2005). The band has recorded the following six tracks: ‘Of A World Hidden By Nocturnity’, ‘For A Journey (Pt. II)’ and ‘Warriors Of Fullmoon (Legion)’ (which will all appear on the 7"), ‘Longing For Apocalypse’, ‘Christ Fire (VON)’ and ‘Lost In The Cursed Forest Of Olde…’ (an exclusive recording for the upcoming Millennial Visions CD-R compilation "Albania Is The Future"). All songs were recorded and mixed by Dirk (Hagal) and Satyrus Sancti in April, September – November 2004 in Kargewelten Studio Hamburg and Laubhaus Studio Beentsteek. The coverartwork has been done exclusively by G. Bakker-Bents. The "Albania Is The Future" compilation is dedicated to the old spirit of the Black / Death Metal underground. Other bands participating here will be Hagal, Fornost, Erhabenheit and couple of other international bands. Since the American label that released the "Visions… – A Tribute To Burzum" compilation never stood to the words given, the band has decided to give that song a re-release on the forthcoming BURZUM tribute through the German label Perverted Taste. Other bands appearing on the new tribute album will be: Kältetod, Frozen Shadows and Forefather. The last copies of the limited t-shirt that Nightfog released earlier this year are still available. For pictures of the shirt please check out the Nightfog Productions website Final copies of the "Solar Eclipse" demo (released in October 2002) are also still available. And if that was not enough, Count Gothmog has worked together with Alboin from German band Eismalsott, who luckily abandoned their contract with a certain German label, on a cover of Bathory’s ‘The Woodwoman’ (originally on "Blood On Ice") to be featured on the upcoming tribute album by the Swedish label Total Holocaust Records. Other bands participating here will be Funeral Winds, Moontower or Macabre Omen. Since this is a collaboration, the cover will be released under the name of THE LONESOME PROCESSION. There are rumours that FUNERAL PROCESSION will perform on January 22, 2005 in Leer, Germany. While there are plans that the band will return to the stage in 2005, this date is definitely untrue. The current FUNERAL PROCESSION line-up reads as follows: Count Gothmog – bass and vocals, Duke Hellfire – guitars, Ole – drums and Satyrus Sancti – synths and programming. For more info, check out:

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