July 05, 2004

Norwegian legends ARCTURUS will perform on September 1st in Budapest, Hungary at A38 Ship (an old ship in the River Danube). The date will be only the band’s fourth gig since 1990. The show will be presented by Saturnus Productions and PlanetNoir Industries, and will also feature performances from SIN OF KAIN, VORTEX and BORNHOLM.

Albeit a bit vague, Roadrunner Records.com has posted that CRADLE OF FILTH will shoot a video "in either Los Angeles or the UK, at some point in early August for a song to be determined"… CRADLE OF FILTH have nearly completed the mixing process of their forthcoming album, "Nymphetamine", which is currently scheduled for a late September release through Roadrunner.

Canuck Black Metallers OBSCENE EULOGY have announced that Wilska (FINNTROLL) is their new frontman. Wilska replaces Mika Luttinen (IMPALED NAZARENE) who left the band in April. The band is currently working on the follow-up to this year’s "Defining Hate: The Truth Undead" – new material that should see the light of day in early 2005.

According to an update at Earache Records’ website, "Florida’s kings of extreme Death Metal, HATE ETERNAL, have confirmed plans for the recording of their third album, the follow-up to 2002’s "King Of All Kings". As yet untitled, the album will be recorded and mixed at HATE ETERNAL frontman Erik Rutan’s own studio, Mana Recording Studios, in Tampa, FA. Recording is set to begin August 1 and the release is planned for early 2005. Expect the next landmark album in Death Metal"

According to a statement from Season Of Mist, rumors of unrest in the MAYHEM camp are untrue. SOM states: "The fast-traveling rumor that informs the reader and listener on Maniac (vocals – real name Sven Erik Kristiansen) parting ways with Mayhem, and (former singer) Attila Csihar (ABORYM) joining the band is not true. There are currently no plans whatsoever for MAYHEM to change its lineup. Above is confirmed by both the band and Attila".

ILLDISPOSED have confirmed that their new album, "1-800-Vindication", will be released in Europe through Roadrunner on October 4th. Release dates for the rest of the world will be announced soon.

Drowned Scream Records / Goi Music will issue a new AT THE GATES tribute album in September. Entitled "Slaughteous Souls – A Tribute To At The Gates", the album features the following tracklisting: TAETRE – ‘At The Gates’, GODHATE – ‘Kingdom Gone’, MÖRK GRYNING – ‘Neverwhere’, MOONSKIN – ‘Raped By The Light Of Christ’, DARKNESS BY OATH – ‘The Swarm’, SOUL DEMISE – ‘Forever Blind’, ETERNAL OATH – ‘The Fevered Circle’, ETERNAL GRAY – ‘Blinded By Fear’, ILLDISPOSED – ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’, ENTER CHAOS – ‘Cold’, DETONATION – ‘Under A Serpent Sun’, MISANTHROPE – ‘Suicide Nation’, PAGANIZER – ‘Nausea’ and VILE – ‘Cold’ (live cover). Bonus Tracks: IN AETERNUM – ‘Blood Runs From The Altar’ (GROTESQUE cover).

CELTIC FROST guitarist Ron Marks has inked a deal with Sonic Wave International (www.sonicwaveintl.com) for his band SUBSONIC. The band are expected to release a new album through the label this fall. A posting at Sonic Wave International’s site reads: "The legacy of Celtic Frost continues with Ron Mark’s hard hitting project: SUBSONIC. CELTIC FROST has been called a big influence by Kurt Cobain and has helped spawn the styles of NIRVANA, METALLICA and MARILYN MANSON. Subsonic brings Ron Mark’s sound into the new era. Keep a look out for the new CD in stores this year, and in the meantime check out the SUBSONIC site at www.celticfrost.com/subsonic.html"

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