March 30, 2004

Black Metal legends, THORNS‘ mastermind, Snorre Ruch has been keeping busy with a variety of extra musical activities involving interesting exponents of the art world since the band’s long awaited and much acclaimed self-titled debut in 2002. In the past few months alone, Snorre has created Thorns Ltd, a separate outlet from Thorns, dedicated to making experimental music tailored specifically for art exhibitions. Contemporary Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard’s exhibition at the Palais De Tokyo museum in Paris was Thorns Ltd’s debut. A new composition will premier at New York artist, Banks Violet’s show in London in September this year. More detailed information on location, date and how to get hold of those recordings will be released shortly. Snorre’s extreme musical project and inspiration behind many of today’s Black Metal bands, Thorns, however, is still his priority. He has been writing music for the new release as well as auditioning musicians for future Thorns live shows. "I already have a title for it but I am not going to disclose that just yet ‘cos the album will not be out before next year", he teased earlier today. "I intend to have between 15 to 25 tracks on there, 10 of which will be made into surround remixes and included in a different release. And whether that is going to be a Moonfog, internet or some other company’s is something to be decided later on. I am very open about the structure of the new album right now." As to whom will record the vocals this time around, Snorre hinted at guest appearances on the odd track but confirmed that he is keen to follow the debut direction. "I hope to use Satyr again and Aldrahan has already expressed an interest in doing vocals so that’s great." In true Thorns’ style, expect the unexpected.

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