November 15, 2004

INFERNAL MAJESTY and HIRAX are both confirmed to begin their European tour February, 2005. The tour is now being booked through Metallysee and dates will be announced shortly.

Norway’s AETERNUS ( have revealed the names of the tracks that are set to appear on their forthcoming album for Nocturnal Art Productions. Due out in early 2005, the album, entitled "Hexaeon", is expected to include the following tracks: ‘The Darkest Of Minds’, ‘GodHead Charlatan’, ‘The 9th Revolution’, ‘In The 3rd Dwells Oblivion’, ‘Hexaeon’, ‘Punished’, ‘Ageless Void’, ‘Christbait’ and ‘What I Crave’.

Next year Century Media will celebrate one of the first bands signed to the label with a luxurious best of MORGOTH album. The double CD set "1987 – 1997 The Best Of Morgoth" will be released on January 24th, 2005. CD1 will contain 15 songs from all their official releases. CD2 starts with the 6-song "Pits Of Utumno" demo (never released before on CD), three rare tracks and a multimedia enhancement featuring all four promo videos and two rare live tracks from 1993. On top you’ll get a 20-page booklet with a detailed history from vocalist Marc Grewe, all lyrics from CD1 and lots of photos, backstage passes, flyers and more. The tracklisting: CD1 – ‘Selected Killing’, ‘Lies Of Distrust’, ‘Travel’ (all taken from the "Resurrection Absurd" EP, 1989), ‘Burnt Identity’, ‘White Gallery’, ‘Pits Of Utumno’ (all taken from the "Eternal Fall" EP, 1990), ‘Body Count’, ‘Isolated’, ‘Sold Baptism’ (all taken from the album "Cursed", 1991), ‘Resistance’, ‘Under The Surface’, ‘Drowning Sun’ (all taken from the album "Odium", 1993), ‘This Fantastic Decade’, ‘Graceland’ and ‘Last Laugh’ (all taken from the album "Feel Sorry For The Fanatic", 1996). CD2 – ‘From Dusk To Dawn’, ‘Being Boiled’, ‘Eternal Sanctity’, ‘Pits Of Utumno’, ‘The Beyond’, ‘Dance Their Dance’ (all taken from the "Pits Of Utumno" demo, 1988), ‘Golden Age’ (unreleased demo version, 1992), ‘TV War’ (early version with different lyrics of ‘A New Start’, 1994) and ‘Indifferent’ (rare track from the "Feel Sorry…" recording session, 1996). Bonus video enhancement on CD2 – ‘Isolated’ (live at the Rock Hard Festival in Lichtenfels, Germany 1991), ‘Cursed & Sold Baptism’, ‘Under The Surface’, ‘Last Laugh’, ‘Body Count’ (live In Chemnitz, June 18, 1993) and ‘Resistance’ (live In Chemnitz, June 18, 1993).

NAPALM DEATH have posted the following message at their official website ( "Another show down, went pretty well I think, though the bus breaking down on us this past week has tired us a little. Oh well better get ready for Harpos in Detroit tomorrow. Its a Friday so hopefully its gonna be a good one. Oh yeah don’t know if I mentioned this before but we got Jello Biafra to sing on one of our tracks finally… the song ‘The Great And The Good’, this one kind of stands out from the others in some way… let’s see what you guys think when it comes out next year… bye for now."

CRYPTOPSY is focusing on a new album and the production of 2 DVDs; October 9th’s concert in Montreal and Flo Mounier’s Instructional drum video. Both will be available next year.

According to a report posted at Earache’s official website, despite their unforeseen return to Florida just two shows into their European tour, everyone in the DEICIDE camp is determined to get back to Europe as soon as possible to avoid disappointing fans. The band will recommence their European tour on 21st November at Club Monster in Gavle, Sweden, and will continue to play the tour as originally advertised up until December 8th. German and Dutch shows will now take place between December 15th and 22nd, with French and Spanish shows being rescheduled between December 9th and the 14th. All shows will feature Jack Owen (ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE) and Dave Suzuki (VITAL REMAINS) standing in on guitar duties for the Hoffman brothers. Despite the best efforts of the band and their booking agent, the Finnish leg of the tour has been impossible to reschedule, these dates will now take place in 2005 when DEICIDE are hoping to come back to Europe.

Artist Joachim Luetke’s official site ( has posted his artwork for the upcoming KREATOR album, "Enemy Of God", here. Kreator’s website ( has also been updated with the same designs. As previously reported, "Enemy Of God" is due to be released in North America on January 11, six days later in Europe, and early editions will include a DVD "Making Of" bonus. The tracklisting for "Enemy Of God" is as follows: ‘Enemy Of God’, ‘Impossible Brutality’, ‘Suicide Terrorist’, ‘World Anarchy’, ‘Dystopia’, ‘Voices Of The Dead’, ‘Murder Fantasies’ (which includes a guest appearance by ARCH ENEMY guitarist, Mike Amott), ‘When Death Takes Its Dominion’, ‘One Evil Comes – A Million Follow’, ‘Dying Race Apocalypse’, ‘Under A Total Blackened Sky’ and ‘The Ancient Plague’.

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