November 29, 2004

Area Death Productions will release a DEATH tribute album "Unforgotten Past – In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner" on December 13, 2004, featuring 14 bands from all over the world. Here’s the complete tracklist: PERDITISM – ‘Legion Of Doom’, INSISION – ‘Zombie Ritual’, BACKYARD MORTUARY – ‘Mutilation’, HYONBLUD – ‘Scream Bloody Gore’, TWO PAIN ORGANIZED – ‘Overactive Imagination’, PIRATES OF SPIRIT – ‘Trapped In A Corner’, HYPONIC – ‘The Philosopher’, MASSMURDER – ‘Misanthrope’, GORY BLISTER – ‘1000 Eyes’, SUFFOCATED – ‘Without Judgement’, IRREDEMPTION – ‘Crystal Mountain’, DUNGORTHEB – ‘Misanthrope’, RITUAL DAY – ‘Spirit Crusher’ and MOONSKIN – ‘Embraced By Words’ (special memorial song). In related news, the label has announced the signing of the two Chinese Metal bands HYONBLUD (brutal Death Metal) and HERESY (fast Black Metal). Both of them will release new full lengths in early 2005. For more info check out

Holland’s PENTACLE have a new domain for their website now. The new URL is Three exclusive sound samples of their upcoming new album on Iron Pegasus Records can be found at the following direct links:, and

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