April 01, 2005

In case you’re looking for some real basic Heavy Metal every once in a while (not the type of "happy" Metal that bands like HAMMERFALL etc. established, but something closer to NWOBHM meets early 80s Metal), make sure to check out the debut full length by Estonia’s HERALD "Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast", which will be released via Area Death Productions on April 10, 2005. The band definitely knows where this music originally comes from and delivers ten tracks of classic Metal, with very traditional riffing and great powerful vocals. Not really suitable for our review section, but still worthy to be checked out. All further info you may find at http://adp.areadeath.net.

Here’s an official statement from BESTIAL MOCKERY concerning their new album "Gospel Of The Insane": "The work on the new album has truly been a curse and a strange descent into the depths of insanity and madness. Although we’ve done more gigs and tours since February 2004 and up to date then ever before during our 10 years of existence and hence also stepped up a level in the live ritual violence and sickness, I have been more or less locked up since march 2004 in different mental institutions, soul asylums, hospital departments etc. Therefore have the title which was set since long before these events unfolded as a self-fulfilling prophecy and double curse and blessing and its inner meaning been revealed to me during my time in imprisonment and isolation in a truly disgusting and horrifying way. If "Evoke The Desecrator" carried the spirits of damnation and death within it, it is nothing compared to madness catalyst which this album gonna be. I have also worked on the vocals and even recorded some of them inside the walls of these institutions. And when I was granted to leave after months, 9 out of 10 cases have been just to go to rehearsals, get drunk, stoned, ripped and twisted with the good people and then go straight back in again. Which also have been a very bizarre, confusing but inspiring experience. After endless nights of pain, agony, despair and eternal desolation all the sudden making new songs, go mad, preparing gigs and new mini-tours with the others of this warmongering horde have been sick. Anyhow to cut the crap now you know the background. Now we are currently preparing to record tracks like ‘The Punishment Of Pure Hellpain’, ‘Black Metal Slaughter’, ‘Out From The Cold Straight To Hell’, ‘Self-Destructive Salvation’, ‘Tyrant Of Hells Land’, ‘Morbid Chainsaw Execution’, ‘Slut-Fuck-Cult’ and ‘Father In Heaven’ for the "Gospel Of The Insane" LP / CD. – Master fucking Motorsåg on Crucifixtion Day 2005."

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