April 16, 2005

FUNERAL PROCESSION‘s vinyl-version of the "Legion Cymru" 7"EP is finally out now. It comes in a foldover sleeve with coloured cover, black vinyl, a b/w-sticker and is limited to 333 handnumbered copies. The CassEP-version (pro-cover / pro-tape, 5 bonustracks) will most likely be available within the next weeks. The limited MCD boxset as well as the "Wolfish Storms…" shirt are sold out. Millennial Visions are considering to reprint the MCD as an ordinary jewelcase-version, but this is very unlikely to happen during the next months. The Bathory Tribute to which Alboîn (Geist) and Count Gothmog have contributed a song under the name of The Lonesome Procession has been cancelled by Total Holocaust Records as Black Mark (who hold the rights to all Bathory songs) were not willing to cooperate with Total Holocaust. The song however is available on the FUNERAL PROCESSION website www.funeralprocession.net, in the "Download" section. The band’s next live appearances will be on May 14th in Gouda (The Netherlands) with Ordo Draconis and on July 8th or 9th at this year’s Under The Black Sun festival near Berlin. With one or two forthcoming exceptions, these are most probably the only performances of Funeral Procession in the next 15 months mainly because the band wishes to concentrate on forthcoming recordings and releases.

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