January 28, 2005

VINTERRIKET‘s next album will be called "Der letzte Winter – Der Ewigkeit entgegen". It’ll be produced in a studio in Oslo and the recordings are supposed to be finished within the next days. This timeit won’t be Ambient music, but depressive, melancholic and cold Black Metal. www.vinterriket.com

EQUILIBRIUM have completed their debut "Turis Fratyr", which is a musical version of Thor’s hammer. It’ll be released on February 14, 2005. The first edition comes as limited digipak including one bonus song. www.equilibrium-metal.de

Sweden’s ANGST will finish the recordings of their album "In Hoc Signo Vinces" in the near future. It’ll be released in early spring via Black Attakk. www.angstband.cjb.net

GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN will soon enter a studio to record their new album "Schwarz gegen Weiß". The band promises a "typical" GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN album, which at the same time is not comparable to its predecessors. The release is scheduled for spring 2005. www.grabgewalt.de

MINAS MORGUL will record their follow-up to "Schwertzeit" within the next few weeks. Harris Johns will be in charge of the production. www.minasmorgul.org

MEMBARIS have finished writing material for their new record. They plan to enter a studio in the next weeks to record the successor of their debut "Poetry Of Chaos". www.darkbound.net/html/membaris.htm

The INSIGNIUM debut "In die Abgründe" will be released on February 14, 2005. The band delivers a mix of Black, Death, Heavy and Thrash Metal. Audio- and video-files featuring the song ‘Moorleiche’ can be downloaded at the bands’ homepage. www.insignium.de

Black Attack will re-release three out of print albums at the end of February: CRYPTIC WINTERMOON‘s "Age Of Cataclysm" (plus two bonus tracks from the "Franconian Frost" split-EP with LORD ASTAROTH), GRABNEBELFÜRSTEN‘s "Von Schemen und Trugbildern" (with three bonus tracks from the demos "Seelenpoker" and "Sakralästhetik") and CRYOGENIC‘s "Celephais".

ZORN‘s new album "Todesschwadron" is set for a late spring release. www.zorn.darkmetal.net

"Ernte im Herbst", FJOERGYN‘s first album, will be released in Spring 2005.

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