July 10, 2005

CONCRETE SLEEP (ex – THERION and SERPENT members) from Stockholm will release their lost debut album on Vic Records. Recorded in 1993 at the famous Montezuma Studios (Therion, Bathory, Hexenhaus, Candlemass), their label back then ripped of the studio and never paid them. The studio refused to unleash the recordings as no-one paid for them and at the end even the studio went down. The rough mixed version was found after more than a decade now. After the summer the sound quality will be upgrated in a Stockholm based studio run by (again) two ex – Therion guitar players Peter and Magnus. As a bonus the 3 track debut demo "As I Fly" will be added to the upcoming album, recorded in 1992 at the Sunlight Studios and produced by no one else than Tomas Skogsberg. Some new songs are already written and a new album can be expected early next year, released by Vic Records as well.

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