March 14, 2005

DESTRUCTION have posted the following message at their official website: "At the moment ‘Our boys’ are recording the new album, "Inventor Of Evil", together with Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY / PAIN), V.O. Pulver and their live engineer Franky Winkelmann. Three different studios in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden will be involved in the production-process! The mix will be done by Mr. Tägtgren at the Abyss Studios in Sweden. Release date for Europe will be august 15th on the new label AFM records. In the rest of the world the new masterpiece will be released a little later this summer. It looks like some surprise guest will be featured on the new album (like ex-guitar wizz Harry Wilkens). Nevertheless there will also be a new tune featuring many ‘well-known’ Metal singers from all exiting styles, for a song that is dealing with more unity and tolerance in the ‘scene’! Rumors say that the famous ‘butcher’ will have an impressive return on the front cover!"

In support of their new album, "Harnessing Ruin", IMMOLATION are confirmed as direct support to DEICIDE on their tour in late May / June. When asked about the tour and the release of "Harnessing Ruin", the band could hardly hide their enthusiasm. "We are really excited about the release of "Harnessing Ruin". It is the darkest, heaviest and most emotionally charged album we have ever done!! We are also really looking forward to the upcoming tour with DEICIDE. Together, along with SKINLESS, MISERY INDEX and WITH PASSION, we are all going to crush the US and Canada!!! For us this will be our most extensive run through Canada, so we are really interested in checking out the mid western areas that we have not been able to hit in the past! Prepare for one of the most devastating tours of the year!"

John Tardy, frontman for reformed US Death Metal icons OBITUARY has posted the following message at the band’s official website: "Our work at RedRoom Recorders is done and we now move to Morrisound Studios where we will be doing the mixing. Things went really well and the new songs sound great already and I can’t wait to mix them down. It was good to see Tom Morris, whom I haven’t seen in years, and talk with him about mastering. We will be working with him when we master. It has been too long since we did all this and we are just really enjoying the whole process and getting more and more excited with each new day. I have some more photos added to the studio report (here) so check it out! I have also been working with our live web camera and have it up just for testing. Go to the live web cam and see what you think. Not much happening in our studio because we are at Morrisound but it would be nice to hear what you guys think! I will get some more photos of us at Morrisound and get them up asap!" As previously reported, OBITUARY are working with legendary producer Scott Burns and Mark Prator on their long-awaited reunion album, due out through Roadrunner later this year.

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