October 01, 2005

HELLPIKE # 15 finally got released. The newest issue features interviews with IMPALED NAZARENE, INQUISITION, ISVIND, UNCREATION’S DAWN, LUROR, TRIMONIUM, OLD, ANAL VOMIT, WOD, WAFFENWEIHE, BLASPHEMIC LUST, WOLFTHORN, VICTIMIZER, SIN IS THERE ‘zine, RAZOR OF OCCAM and TEPHERET as well as more than 175 long and detailed reviews (96 pages in total). It sells for 5 Euro / 6$ (postage paid already), and the first 100 copies include a poster. Available at this address: HELLPIKE zine, Grabenstr. 17, 56575 Weissenthurm, Germany, email: HELLPIKE@gmx.de or from the following mailorder companies: BLASPHEMOUS UNDERGROUND (France), UNDERCOVER RECORDS and IRON PEGASUS (Germany). HELLPIKE # 11 – 14 are still available for 10 Euro (all together), or 4 Euro each. HELLPIKE # 16 will be out on December 5, 2005.

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