September 27, 2005

CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has issued the following update via "Martin called me last night to brief me that the album has now been mastered. We thus decided to shelve a new song we had both been developing for – an admittedly inane – last minute inclusion, and we resolved to refrain from adding a HELLHAMMERish bassline to the already finished ‘Incantation Against You’. The mastering now having been completed, the album is ready to pass into the hands of those who run this wonderful music industry. I had been there at Oakland Recording on both days of the mastering, but I left a few hours early on the second day as my presence no longer yielded any constructive input. I have presently reached a state where I am too burned out to be truly willing to discern any aural details anymore. I have lived with these songs, this album for so long – too long, as all of us and all our fans will confirm – that I now need a limited pause from the music in order to be able to approach it freshly again by the time we begin rehearsals proper for our concerts next year. We are all tending to various band issues right now, but we all enjoy the break from actually making music. And still I listened to the damn thing last night. Martin’s enthusiasm had been very contagious."

Sweden’s NECROPHOBIC have posted the following update at their website "As mentioned earlier here on the website, NECROPHOBIC will have a small piece of soundtrack in a new criminal series, "Medicinmannen" (The Medicine Man), on national Swedish television (TV4) which starts today at 21:00, Swedish time (CET+1). The series is featuring great actors like Mikael Persbrandt, Reine Brynolfsson, Nina Gunke and Philip Zandén and is broadcasted in 8 episodes. The information we have got regarding this, is that about 8-10 minutes into episode 4, our music will be played in the background in a cafe scene. The date for that episode will be October 16th."

DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz has announced which song from the forthcoming "Stormblast" reissue, due out November 7th, the band will film a video for. "I can hereby reveal we’re gonna make a video for ‘Sorgens Kammer – Del II’ (part II). We all know why the original ‘Sorgens Kammer’ wasn’t used. (Part II) is a totally different and proper track." In related news, according to The Gauntlet: INSIDIOUS DISEASE is the new Death Metal band featuring guitarists Silenoz and Jardar (OLD MAN’S CHILD), along with drummer Tony Laureano (DIMMU BORGIR, NILE, ANGELCORPSE) and bassist Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH). They currently have 12 to 13 songs ready and are working on a demo with the hopes of landing a record deal.

Candlelight Records ( has posted the new 1349 video, for the track ‘Sculptor Of Flesh’. Candlelight has confirmed October 4th as the North American release date for 1349’s third album, "Hellfire". The album was recorded at Studio Studio in Nyhagen, Norway and features the following tracks: ‘I Am Abomination’, ‘Nathicana’, ‘Sculptor Of Flesh’, ‘Celestial Deconstruction’, ‘To Rottendom’, ‘From The Deeps’, ‘Slaves To Slaughter’ and ‘Hellfire’.

According to Napalm Records the new FALKENBACH album, "Heralding The Fireblade", is in post production and is due to be released on November 25th. It will be issued both as a limited edition digi-pack featuring one bonus track and a regular jewel case version.

According to a posting at their official website, Chicago-based Death Metallers THE CHASM has been confirmed to attack at the Heathen Crusade Festival to take place in Minnesota on January 21, 2006. According to an update, "There will be no more shows for the rest of the year, time to take a break and get immersed in the new death hymns. Hails to all the deathmongers who supported and attended the shows with SABBAT in Chicago, NY and Cambridge."

German Thrashers DESTRUCTION are confirmed for the Porto Alegre, Brazil stop (at Gigantinho) of the Live ‘N’ Louder Fest on October 15th. The traveling festival also features SCORPIONS, NIGHTWISH, TESTAMENT, SHAAMAN, RAGE, THE 69 EYES, DR. SIN and TUATHA DE DANANN.

NASUM guitarist Anders Jakobson has posted the following update regarding the rumoured split recording with NAPALM DEATH at the official Nasum website: "Someone asked about the Nasum / Napalm Death split in the Q & A section the other day – will it come out or not? Well, I haven’t got any real news about this. As far as I know it will come out one day, but when and how I do not know. No one does, it’s another planed release that’s all. Last time I spoke about it with Shane he said that he had gotten an OK from Earache to use their ‘Earache songs’ on the split and I guess they have to get a few more OK’s before they can get working on a possible tracklist. I’ve spent some time today working with our part of the split. I did some adjustments to the edit I did a few months ago and also some EQ tweaking to improve the sound. It sounds pretty good right now and the edit has a good flow so overall it’s possible finalized. I might tweak it some more when it’s time to really finish it. The editing I’ve done is to exclude some songs that didn’t sound so good due to either sloppy playing or problems with the sound. I’ve also moved around some of the songs which was quite interesting. We used to combine our songs in ‘blocks’ and there are some completely new blocks in this edit, which at least entertains me. The track list is as follows: ‘Corrosion’, ‘Doombringer’, ‘Just Another Hog’, ‘Inhale / Exhale’, ‘Scoop’, ‘Bullshit’, ‘Relics’, ‘Löpandebandsprincipen’, ‘I Hate People’, ‘Masshypnosis’, ‘A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air’, ‘Fatal Search’, ‘This is…’, ‘The Masked Face’, ‘The Idiot Parade’ and ‘Den Svarta Fanan’. I think it’s about 21 – 22 minutes of music in total. Now just hope that you will hear this soon…"

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