February 02, 2006

LUNAR AURORA underwent some line-up changes lately. Whyrhd is no longer an active musical member of the band for he will focus on his Cold Dimensions label exclusively from now on. There was no bad blood or anything like that that lead to the split, so LUNAR AURORA will continue to be released through his company. The actual line-up is: Aran (guitars, voice), Sindar (bass, voice), Malphas (drums), Akhorahil (keyboards) and Skoarth (guitars).

Former Earache recording artists MORBID ANGEL have announced the "Masters of Chaos Tour 2006" which will span much of the major U.S. cities starting this coming April. Supporting MORBID ANGEL on this tour are Behemoth, Krisiun and Despised Icon. The band toured throughout Latin America two times to popular demand in 2005 along with Europe and it seems like it’s the U.S.’s turn now. Earache Records is now set to release a Dual Disc version of MORBID ANGEL’s masterpiece album "Altars Of Madness" on March 13th, 2006. The classic album will now contain a DVD side which will feature a legendary live concert of MORBID ANGEL in 1989 at Rock City in Nottingham. The video was shot during the bands first European appearance as part of the Grindcrusher tour.

Razorback Records have secured the official rights to re-release two albums from IMPETIGO. Starting this summer, Razorback Records will be bringing you these all-time cult classic albums with exclusive live bonus tracks, liner notes from the band members, every single piece of artwork related to each release (art from vocalist Stevo, Chas Balun, etc.) and each album will finally be remastered. The "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD will finally be released with the originally banned cover artwork that was only ever seen on the "Giallo" picture disc release. This art was always meant to be the true cover for "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" but the printers that Wild Rags Records used in the early 90s refused to print it due to the graphic nature. It will also include the classic "Faceless" EP and all of the various artwork related to it inside the booklet. "Faceless" will also be remastered. The "Horror Of The Zombies" CD will include live bonus tracks from the legendary Rhode Island Death Fest and will also feature cover art by Stevo that was originally only seen on the picture disc version and a t-shirt from the early 90s.

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