February 17, 2006

Tonight the release party for BLOODTHORN‘s new album "Genocide" will be streamed live on the internet as a multi-camera production. The live-streaming will start at 22:00 Norway CET (London: 21:00 / New York: 16:00) via GIGS.NO. The support act GOAT THE HEAD will enter the stage at 22:30 CET, BLOODTHORN around 23:30 CET. Before the gigs start at there will be a special Trondheim scene report, featuring chats with Trondheim bands like Thorns, Lumsk, Griffin, Manifest, Wåttamezz and others. There will also be a short studio-report from the Keep of Kalessin "Armada" recordings at Godt Selskap Studio. In between the bands there will be live-interviews with both BLOODTHORN and GOAT THE HEAD hosted by Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (Tinitus NRK P3).

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