January 04, 2006

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS premiered their first video clip world wide on their web site. The clip incorporates elements of traditional Kung Fu combat and was shot at the Chinese Kung Fu Wu Su Association in New York City. Mem: "This video clip is very personal to me because it highlights the two most important things in my life; music and Martial Arts." The clip is also included as a bonus on the band’s upcoming new CD "Incinerating The Meek". 

The cover artwork for the new ANGER AS ART album can already be viewed here. It was created by artist Eddie Mize ( cirquesolutions.com/art/), the layout and design was done by Steve Gaines and Mark DeVito (www.metalbabies.com). "All tracks were produced and engineered by Chris Trent for CT Audio, Los Angeles. We decided to add a few live tracks to the 8 studio tracks. The finished track listing will be posted soon. We are very excited that the future of Thrash is going to be very ANGRY", says Patrick Ramseier, CEO of OSM Records. The CD will be released in February 2006. For more information please visit www.osmrecords.net.

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