January 14, 2006

After having already reissued "Final Holocaust" and "Enjoy The Violence" Rusty Diamond / Shark Records will also re-release MASSACRA‘s third full length album "Signs Of The Decline" on January 30, 2006. Just like the previous releases it will once again offer some bonus material, this time 6 tracks off MASSACRA’s fourth album "Sick", resulting in an approximately playing time of 71 minutes. "Signs Of The Decline" originally came out on the major label Phonogram Records back in 1994 and was mixed by Colin Richardson. For more info check out www.sharkrecords.de/massa-signs.html

INSISION have announced two upcoming shows with DISMEMBER in Stockholm and bassist Daniel Dellamorte will be featured later today on Swedish national radio. Karsten Thurfjell takes a serious look at extreme Metal on KULTURFREDAG!, today at 16:00 CET (repetition from yesterday’s show). For those outside Scandinavian you’ll be able to listen again for a week after broadcast here.

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