March 24, 2007

Norway’s TAAKE got dropped from this year’s Party.San Festival. Instead KREATOR, IMMOLATION and Germany’s F.U.C.K. will complete the billing.

The new GOSPEL OF THE HORNS album "Realm Of The Damned" was recorded in Toyland studios, Melbourne in September and October 2006 and features 10 tracks, including an intro and outro. The recording line up was Howitzer (bass / vocals), Masochist (guitar / backing vocals), Hexx (guitar / backing vocals) and Hellcunt (drums). Since the recording guitarist Hexx has parted company with the band to pursue other musical interests and original guitarist Marauder has rejoined. The band will start a European tour at the Festung Open Air in Bitterfeld, Germany alongside Archgoat, Dodheimsgard, Pentacle, Adorior, Black Witchery, Skyforger and many more. The finalised dates for the tour so far are: Sunday, May 27th – UMM, Friday, June 1st – Koblenz (with OLD), Saturday, June 2nd – Eindhoven and Friday, June 15th – London. The rest of the dates are currently being filled.

SPEARHEAD will be recording the second full-length album between the 17th of June and the 5th of July at Hertz Studio, Poland. They are also confirmed for Hells Pleasure Fest in Germany ( along with bands such as Ancient Rites, Necros Christos, Desaster, Secrets of the Moon and many more. They are also confirmed for the Day of Darkness fest in Ireland for July 7th.

New Zealand’s DIOCLETIAN will record a MCD during the summer with a view to recording their full length for Invictus Productions later in the year. Invictus has recently repressed the Diocletian 2005 demo on cassette and are currently awaiting its delivery. For those unfamiliar with Diocletian check out a track at A 7" called "Sect Of Swords" is due out soon too.

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