May 30, 2007

IMPALED NAZARENE have finished recording all instruments for their 10th studio album "Manifest". The band has entered Sonic Pump studio with producer / engineer Tapio Pennanen on May 10th. In a recently published press statement they said that they do not use triggers on the album this time and that it will have a "much warmer live sound." They have a little recording break now and will continue with the vocals in June. "Manifest" will be mixed at Sonic Pump at the end of July and mastered in August. Here is the full tracklisting (not the final running order): ‘Intro: Greater Wrath’, ‘The Antichrist Files’, ‘Pandemia’, ‘Mushroom Truth’, ‘Die Insane’, ‘Blueprint For Your Culture’s Apocalypse’, ‘Funeral For Despicable Pigs’, ‘Goat Justice’, ‘Dead Return’, ‘Suicide Song’, ‘Pathogen’, ‘The Calling’, ‘Planet Nazarene’, ‘You Don’t Rock Hard’, ‘When Violence Commands The Day’ and ‘Original Pig Rig’. According to the band the album lyrically deals with "all possible bullshit we have faced during the last couple of years." Ritual, who has already worked with IMPALED NAZARENE previously on many occasions, will handle all artwork and layout for the album. The release date is scheduled for end of October on Osmose Productions (CD and vinyl).

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