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September 29, 2007

Romania’s NEGURA BUNGET have been signed by Lupus Lounge. Among other things, Lupus Lounge will re-release "From Transylvanian Forests" as well as the albums "Zirnindu-Sa", "Maiastru Sfetnic" and "Sala Molksa" with extensive bonus material. The band is also planning a new recording of the album "Maiastru Sfetnic" featuring a traditional Transylvanian orchestra. Negura Bunget are going to fulfil their contract with the label Code666, but have voiced their trust in Lupus Lounge in that a contract on future releases after the cessation of the cooperation with Code666 has already been signed.

SADISTIK EXEKUTION‘s "Kaos" will be available for the very first time on 12" picture disc vinyl via Master’s Throne. The logo will be embossed golden foiled, the picture vinyl will come within a noble looking cover-jacket (inside out paper) and all copies will include a huge A1 poster. The die hard version will furthermore include a white shirt (S-XXL), a button (1 1/2 inch) and a patch of about 9×9 cm. Pictures and further information are to be found here: http://forum.mastersthrone.de/viewtopic.php?t=13

Master’s Throne have also announced a 12" gatefold vinyl LP of ACHERON‘s "Satanic Victory". The LP cover will come with special matt de luxe paper and lacquered printing of the logo and album-title. All copies will come with a huge A1 poster, while the die hard version will be in coloured vinyl and include a white shirt (S-XXL), a button (1 1/2 inch) and a patch of about 9×9 cm. Pictures and further information for this release are to be found here: http://forum.mastersthrone.de/viewtopic.php?t=28

September 28, 2007

Brazil’s IMPETUOUS RAGE have signed a deal with the Australian label Asphyxiate Recordings for their album "Inverted Redemption". In Europe the album will be out on Austria’s Slaughtersun Music (Resound Grind Records).

September 25, 2007

Due to internal problems Mexican old school Death Metallers NECROCCULTUS decided to split up, this means that the announced 7"EP "Deathrone’s Dominium" on Blood Harvest Records is cancelled. Isaias (vocals) already formed a new band called CRUXITORIUM which will fill this gap and Blood Harvest Records already wrote on their homepage that a 7"EP should be released quite soon. Look out for CRUXITORIUM and their brand of bestial ancient occult Death Metal.

Ván Records will release new albums by GENOCIDE ("Apocalyptic Visions") and TRUPPENSTURM ("Fields Of Devastation") shortly. The first 100 copies of GENOCIDE will come with an embroidered patch. MP3 versions of GENOCIDE’s ‘Blasphemy’ and a rough mix of TRUPPENSTURM’s ‘Walk the Path of War’ can already be checked out by clicking on the links.

September 23, 2007

CHAOS MAGAZINE is back! One of Germany’s finest, still existing underground print zines have just released their 14th issue, this time featuring in-depth interviews with ASPHYX, GOREFEST, HAEMORRHAGE, SUFFOCATION, DEATH BREATH, DEMONICAL / CENTINEX, EVOCATION, NOMINON THIS ENDING, PROFUNDI, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, DETONATION, ERODED, DEATHEVOKATION and DEAD CONGREGATION. The issue furthermore features 666 reviews, a free compilation-CD (courtesy of Cyclone Empire) as well as a full-coloured front cover artwork by Dan Seagrave. All this on 80 pro-printed, high quality A4 pages. It sells for 5,00 Euro (Germany) / 6,00 Euro (Europe) or 7,00 US $ (rest of the world) at the following address: Chaos Magazine, P.O. Box 70 20, 72734 Reutlingen, Germany, eMail: schenk@chaosmagazine.de, Website: www.chaosmagazine.de

September 22, 2007

VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE is always in need of reliable underground maniacs, that are interested to contribute to our website. Your musical taste should be along the lines of what we cover here (Black, Death & old school Thrash Metal, as well as classic 80s Metal acts) and the english language shouldn’t be a problem for you either. Same goes for the necessary time and motivation to do this on a regular base. Due to the fact that we will have to forward promo CDs to you, we prefer to work with interested people from inside of Germany (the postage costs to send material to foreign countries is simply ridiculous, not to mention the waste of time). But if you’re running a zine, radio show, label, mailorder or whatever (so that you have access to a lot of new releases yourself) you may contact us from outside of Germany as well. So, don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with us here.

September 20, 2007

DERANGED have entered Berno Studio in late in August and completed the recording session for their seventh album "The Redlight Murder Case". The mixing and mastering was completed 14 days later. The release date is set for November via Regain Records. The tracklisting reads like this: ‘Watch Me When I Kill’, ‘Strip Nude For Your Killer’, ‘Gently Before She Dies’, ‘Redlight Murderess’, ‘So Sweet, So Dead’, ‘The Killer Wore Black Gloves’, ‘Formula For A Murder’, ‘Death Walks On High Heels’ and ‘Body Puzzle’.

Grindethic Records have signed Texas’ Death Metal band PROPHECY. The band will begin recording their third full-length album, their first in over 5 years, in October. The album will be titled "Don’t Fuckin’ Mess With Texas" and will feature artwork by Tony Koehl (ENTHRALLMENT, MALIGNANCY, ABYSMAL TORMENT, INFERNAL REVULSION, etc.). A release is set for the end of the year via Grindethic Records. In related news, the band are currently embarked on "The Entrails in Europe Tour 2007" together with CARNAL DECAY and ROTTENNESS starting off at the NRW Deathfest in Germany.

September 19, 2007

Sometime in 2008 a book about HELLHAMMER will see the light of day. It will be entitled "Only Death Is Real" and was written by no less than Tom G. Warrior himself. In an internet blog Tom recently revealed a bit more details about the whole project: "The book will be a veritable treasure trove. Between the archives of Martin, Steve, and myself, we are in possession of literally hundreds of photos, a great many of them never before published. There also exists an abundance of rare or never before seen original artwork, logos, sketches, and so on. Moreover, we have received remarkable material from collectors hailing from Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, England, and the USA. The book will be huge, both in content as well as in format. And it will be the first time Hellhammer’s story will be recorded correctly, and in the words of the former members. The information available today on the internet is, without exception, riddled with inaccuracies and outright misinformation. I began this book project on a much smaller scale a number of years ago, and it has grown beyond all expectations. It will mark the conclusion of a frequently difficult path for me and, I believe, for Martin, as well. It is no secret that Hellhammer was often a truly ambiguous, even outright destructive topic in my life. Or, likely, in the lives of all of the band’s former main members. It was, for a long time, difficult for most of us to come to terms with Hellhammer’s often chaotic and radically varied legacy. Hellhammer was much maligned, both during its existence and for years afterwards. Moreover, it was frequently very challenging to come to terms with how others interpreted Hellhammer and how they referred to and expanded upon what we had once created. I am very proud today to have been part of Hellhammer, and to have been granted to play with those who constituted the band. It was hard for me to get here. There were times of utter personal denial, for which I was criticized, almost certainly rightfully so. And yet many of those who felt compelled and qualified to voice their denigration with their big fucking mouths were so far off from the reality of what took place, both within my emotions and around me. It was pathetic. They all professed to know me, know my innermost thoughts, even though they at best had pieced together a distorted, moronic version of the actual reasons for my protracted path. There was only one person to have been there from the very first day of Hellhammer to the very last. That person was me."

September 16, 2007

According to Blabbermouth.net original DEVOURMENT vocalist Wayne Knupp passed away on September 15, 2007 due to multiple organ failure that was caused by years of alcohol abuse. Rest in peace Wayne!

September 12, 2007

POSSESSED will headline the Black Shadows Festival alongside Sarcofago, Sadistic Intent and a few more sinister acts. The festival takes place on Saturday, October 20, 2007 in Chile, South America.

September 11, 2007

SATHANAS will be releasing their new CD "Crowned Infernal" soon on Pulverised Records. The album was recorded at Innertube Studios, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studios and the artwork was created by Necrolord. You can already check out advance tracks at www.myspace.com/sathanasmetal. SATHANAS are working on shows in Europe for 2008. Promoters and agents should get in contact at www.sathanas.net

September 10, 2007

Here’s an official statement from USURPER concerning the band’s split-up: "After 13 and a half years, 5 studio albums and hundreds of concerts in 17 different countries around the world, Usurper has come to an end. Everyone in Usurper would like to thank their die-hard fans and friends for over a decade of Metal insanity! This decision was very hard for the members of the band, but as the saying goes, ‘all things must come to an end’. Although the decision to end Usurper wasn’t easy, it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, between member changes, label issues and lack of communication between the remaining band members, now was the time to nail up the Usurper coffin so to speak. The official MySpace page will still be maintained and we will try to keep everyone updated on what the remaining band members are up to. Rick has started a new band called Nightshade (www.myspace.com/nightshadeofficial) and Jon and Chris will also pursue other musical outlets. Be sure to check this MySpace page in the near future, for news about such musical en devours. Again, thank you for your support – we will try to respond to any comments and help answer any further questions." – Usurper (1993-2007)

September 09, 2007

Dark Force Entertainment will release a strictly limited (500 copies) 12" splatter vinyl edition of RESURRECTED‘s latest studio album "Endless Sea Of Loss". It will be distributed by Morbid Records on Monday, September 17th 2007. Track listing: ‘Extermination’ (Intro), ‘Hidden By Disguise’, ‘Seducer Of Mankind’, ‘Bloodmarked’, ‘Smouldering Human Compost’, ‘Until You Kill Yourself’, ‘…And She Loves It Anal’, ‘An Obseding End’, ‘End Of A Decade’ and ‘Endless Sea Of Loss’ (outro). www.darkforceentertainment.com

September 05, 2007

IMPUREZA and 7TH NEMESIS will be on tour from February 23 until March 9, 2008 to promote their debut albums. The bands are looking for gigs during this period anywhere in France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria and Italy. Contact: www.myspace.com/7thnemesis, www.myspace.com/impureza

September 04, 2007

A MORRIGAN / MAYHEMIC TRUTH live double DVD will come out at the end of the year via Undercover Records. Besides that Undercover will also release a mayhemic truth DoCD entitled "R.I.P."that will feature the complete "R.I.P. / My Mourningstar" album from 1994, the "Child Of Mayhem" rehearsal tape from ’92, the "Son Of Dawn" demo ’93 and the "Live in Bernhausen" tape ’97 with the best possible sound ever. For more info check out www.morrigan.org or www.undercover-records.de.