April 04, 2008

EXUMER will play their first reunion show at the "Keep it True-12" Festival, April 25/26 2009, in Germany. The gig will premier the band’s vocalists Mem V. Stein and Paul Arakaki (guitars / bass / vocals) performing together live on stage for the first time. The band will play a full set with songs from EXUMER’s first two albums and new material. EXUMER are currently working on their first official website where additional live dates and new demo tracks will be posted. EXUMER vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "The reactions for the reunion had been fantastic and it appears that it was the right decision for us to reform the band. It is now up to us not to disappoint the fans who are waiting to see us live and hear the new material. We are forging ahead with the same conviction we had in the 1980s, and I can promise that the fans won’t be let down. We will not in any way jeopardize the band’s cult status and release new, sub par material that does not compare to the energy displayed on our recordings from the 80s or lacks the technical standards of today’s playing / productions."

Tommy Stewart of HALLOWS EVE just sent us the following info: "We are almost done with the next Hallows Eve album. It features original lead vocalist Stacy Andersen and is produced by Doyle Bright of Rigor Mortis. It is a conscious effort to achieve the feel and sound of "Tales Of Terror" and "Death And Insanity"."

Old Cemetery Records have just released "Conjuring Evil", the new full length album by Black Thrashing Heavy Metal act DEVASTATOR. The band is supposed to be highly influenced by VENOM, BATHORY, old CELTIC FROST / HELLHAMMER, MANILLA ROAD, RAZOR, RUNNING WILD, old DESTRUCTION, SODOM and ZEMIAL. Formore info and / or samples of the album visit www.morbidforce.com, http://morbidforce.com/devastator/creations.htm or www.myspace.com/ocr666.

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